How To Cook Southern Food For the Super Bowl
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How To Cook Southern Food For the Super Bowl

Published at 02/07/2012 16:16:38


How To Cook Southern Food For the Super Bowl

The south is famous as traditional comfort food. It is not necessary that people from south only can cook southern food for the super bowl; it is unique because of its influence of different cultures. The recipes of southern food can warm and melt the heart in seconds.

Traditionally southern meals include: fried chicken, peas, mashed potatoes, cornbread and a dessert which is a pie, most of the time.

It is common for southern meals to have only vegetable items but meat items are used in the process of southern cooking. White or brown beans and greens are famous in most parts of the south. Beans and cornbread are the essential items of southern items. Southern cooks usually cook vegetables for a longer time and add more flavors.

Southern desserts include many dishes such as strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, baked apple slices, sweet potato pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie and many other pies utilizing fruits that are grown around the area.

Desserts in southern foods include banana pudding, baked apple slices, pies, strawberry short cake and other pies of fruits which are grown in the region.

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Different Cultural Influences

Southern food has influence of different cultures in it in which each culture reflects its own influence.

Local American Culture

Local people of Americans gave a key essential item for southern food which corn. It serves as a staple food product for the culture of inherited people of America.

Cheesy grits is one recipe of classic southern meals which is made by ground corns.

Cornmeal biscuits served with gravy of sausages is one famous recipe of southern food as well.

Stir fry items are usually are served in a party of a lot of people.

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African-American Culture

This culture has its own inspiration in the southern food and known as soul food collection consisting of items like okra and black eyed peas. Different recipes using okra and black eyes peas can be enjoyed and delighted by adding variety of flavors.

Culture of Creole

The dishes of creole usually include seafood items. This cuisine is derived from various cultures like
Spanish, Latin, American and French. Grilled recipes are usually famous in this culture.


Step 3

Cajun Culture

The foods of Cajun are related to Creole food because Cajun also has the characteristics of French cuisines. The essential food item for Cajun is rice because large families can easily eat the cuisine if it would include rice in it. Recipes such as rice with chicken or sausages are main recipes of Cajun culture.

Sweet potato fries are a famous recipe of Cajun with a dip of yogurt sauce.


How To Cook Southern Food For the Super Bowl

There is a belief that Southern recipes look good in tasting and experiencing rather than guiding by writing the recipes. The southern cooks give the message that look, feel and taste is the main thing to be focus when you cook southern food.

You can add more flavors and colors to your recipe for cooking southern food for super bowl according to your taste buds. One can learn to cook different and experimental dishes with experience.