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How To Assemble Gift Food Baskets


Presenting someone a gift with a personalized touch doubles the effect. Buying a gift from the market and giving it, is not that appealing. Everyone loves food and posses distinctive taste in it. Presenting someone with gift food baskets is a great idea. One can prepare it on his own and according to the choice of the receiver. Gift food baskets are not at all difficult to prepare, if you know the choice of the person, who you're presenting it to.






Step 1

The first step towards the preparation of gift food baskets is to plan and decide a theme for it. While deciding a theme, put yourself in the receiver’s shoe and then think. The receiver may be a spicy lover, he may be a chocolate freak, he may like to cook a lot, he may be a health conscious person or he may be a seafood lover; there can be some other themes too.

Step 2

After deciding theme the next step is to gather stuff for decorating gift food baskets. Gift basket doesn’t necessarily mean an actual basket. It can be a beautiful box too, depending upon the gift items. Make a list of things for decoration and gather them. For example you will definitely need a basket or a box, scissors, tape, colorful ribbons, wrapper or anything you feel attractive and can be used in decoration.

Step 3

The next step is the purchase of actual gift food baskets items i.e. it’s time to buy food. Visit the respective store for buying the gift items. For example for chocolate freaks visit some chocolate shop, for a health conscious theme, you can visit the diet section of the nearest super store and for cooking lovers you can visit the spices and ingredients section. List down the things that you are planning to put in the gift food baskets, so that you will not forget any and then gather them. Remember not to focus on quantity but quality.


Once done with the selection of gift items, its time to assemble them in gift food baskets. Place the items neatly and carefully; give a little overfull look but not too much. If it’s possible, tape the food items together or with the basket so that they stay fixed in their place. Don’t leave any empty space in the basket. Fill the whole area either with decoration or with food. You can decorate the food too by putting colorful papers and ribbons on it. This will give an attractive look.


Finally, its time to recheck everything. No need to hurry in presenting the basket. Scrutinize everything, confirm it with your list and give the finishing touch. Put the basket in fully or semi transparent sheet or bag and tie a ribbon on it. You can find different designs on the internet for decorating the basket. Now you are ready to present it. Remember that whatever you will do with the basket, it will represent your creativity and personality too. So do it with full potential and interest.

By John, published at 02/06/2012
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