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Sometimes due to man’s behavior or even Mother Nature, disasters can happen at any place. For someone to live through a disaster is hard enough, even without having with the access of food. Many people and even organizations have begun the preparations for any emergencies that might occur anywhere. They have put up food storage facilities to keep the food worth consumption anytime in the future. Knowing how to preserve this food is however a challenging discussion that has been conducted by many especially with the global warming of today. Knowing how to store food is very important. Below are various tips about food storage that you can adopt to keep your food well preserved and healthy.

Step 1

Cleanliness is one of the most important things that you should consider. If you are storing cereals in a food storage facility, cleanliness is a very important factor that has to be looked at very much. The containers for food storage should be sterilized and kept clean before storage begins. Whether you prefer to use buckets or barrels, they should be clean enough and also be quality items. Sterilizing of the containers can be done using special watered down bleach solution and then dried up before any food storage begins.

Step 2

Did you know that too much oxygen causes the food to get worse? This is true. It is very important to try and keep the air out as much as possible. When canning, keeping the air tight means that you have to seal the cans and buckets as tight as possible .When having a massive food storage project, you can accomplish more by filling the buckets and barrels to the brim then make sure that you use a good lid that will keep the air tight.

Step 3

The temperature for food storage should be very much controlled in order to have good results. A correct room should be cool and preferably dark at all times. Controlling is very important in order to avoid the stored food from freezing. It is also equally important not to store food in temperature that go beyond 50 degrees especially for bulk storage, many insects become very active at this high temperatures. For the canned storage, the temperatures should not go beyond 70 degrees. This will make sure that the food is always good and edible at all times.


When you choose to implement any or even all of the above tips or ways for food storage, you can realize what easy and beneficial task it can be. Be it sterilizing storage items, sealing to keep off oxygen or even controlling temperature of the food storage area, your family can enjoy more food in the future without worrying about any health issues as a result of bad food. With these tips, organizations that have food storage for distribution to the disaster stricken areas can also enjoy the benefits of having food at all times. The food will always be free from bugs, insects and even mold.

By Hannah, published at 02/11/2012
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Get Top Tips For Food Storage. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.