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Know About the Cholesterol Foods And Their Side Effects

Published at 02/07/2012 18:05:47


There are cholesterol foods that are rich in cholesterol, which is harmful for people’s health as they have serious side effects like coronary heart diseases and the capacity to lower one’s life expectancy. These cholesterol foods are mostly consumed in large quantities and they include the following. 

Cholesterol Foods and Their Side Effects

Poultry e.g. chicken, duck and turkey:

Chicken is a high cholesterol food especially on the skin, which can cause a protein over-load when taken in excess. This can damage the kidneys and cause calcium loss, which puts one at risk of osteoporosis. The cholesterol in poultry is linked to some life-threatening disease like cancer and heart disease along with diabetes. They also contain unsaturated fats that can lead to coronary heart disease and weight gain.

Pork (bacon, salami and sausages):

This is one of the animals with the highest amount of undesirable animal fat, which makes it one of the high cholesterol foods. Bacon and salami from pigs are known to be high in fats and salts cured with preservatives and chemicals which are dangerous when consumed in large amounts. As one of the well-known cholesterol foods, they cause weight gain and other life-threatening diseases such as heart disease.


Cholesterol Foods and Their Side Effects

Eggs (mostly on the egg yolk):

An egg which comes from a chicken is known to be one of the highest cholesterol foods. When consumed in excess it elevates people’s blood cholesterol level which increases their risk of heart attacks and stroke. It also contributes to weight gain which can lead to the well-known life threatening condition known as obesity which can cause shortness of breath and even death if not checked. The healthier option would be the egg white which is free of cholesterol.

Whole fat dairy products e.g. cheese, ice cream and yoghurt:

These are cholesterol foods which contain a lot of animal fat. This may lead to weight gain over time as the excess fat is stored as surplus body fat. Some people are known to get allergic reactions after consuming these dairy products e.g. they can get bad breath, flatulence or diarrhea in those that are lactose intolerant.

Cholesterol Foods and Their Side Effects

Fatty red meat e.g. beef and lamb:

Red meat is a high cholesterol food with a lot of animal protein that when taken in large portions cause the body to loose calcium and damage the kidneys. They also cause or aggravate gout in people and are linked to osteoporosis and some types of cancer. Fatty red meat makes people gain weight as they contain more calories than what an average person needs daily and can burn. The cholesterol in these foods increase the blood pressure, making one susceptible to heart-related diseases and blood pressure.

Fish and other sea foods e.g. prawns and clams:

These high cholesterol foods contain mercury which can rise to high levels and cause mercury poisoning that can cause death. Like most meat, they contain less fibre that is really needed to remove the roughage left after digestion which can lead to constipation.