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Get Top Tips For Weight Foods

Published at 02/07/2012 18:16:14


There are healthy foods that have been known to help people who want to loose weight the healthy way without supplements. These weight foods include a great deal of options. 

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Beans are one of the greatest weight foods as they contain fiber, which helps lower cholesterol. It contains a digestive hormone called cholecystokinin that is a natural suppressant appetizer that leaves you feeling fuller for longer which helps keeps one from snacking between meals.

Pears and other orchard fruits such as apples, plums, Damsons and cherries:

These weight foods have high pectin fiber which fills someone up. Due to the pectin fiber, they help decrease the sugar levels which helps people avoid snacking on junk in between meals. They also boost your metabolism and help your body burn fats. Other fruits which assist in this also include berries such as black berries, raspberries and straw berries.

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Grapefruit and other citrus foods such as lemons, oranges and limes:

Grapefruit has phytochemicals that reduce the insulin levels. When the insulin levels are low the body is forced to convert the calories into energy rather than deposited and stored as body fat. Grapefruits are therefore great weight foods as they help ward off excess fats being stored in the body.

Hot red pepper:

This one of the most effective weight foods that helps people control their weight. This is due to the fact that it contains capsaicin that suppresses one’s appetite which reduces their chances of eating excess food. It also speeds up metabolism which help people burn more calories which help in aiding weight loss.

Step 3


Eggs are weight foods but only if you use the egg white, which doesn’t have any cholesterol. This is simply because its filling which helps one go through the day without having to do a lot of snacking in between meals. They should be hard boiled or poached to achieve the desired results.


They contain vitamins A and C plus fibers which makes them filling. They help keep people from snacking in between meals or over eating. They are also very crunchy and can be used as a healthy substitute for snacks.


Oats and whole grain:

They are high in insoluble fiber which is fat absorbing helps keep one full for longer, thereby reducing the need for snacking in between meals. These weight foods also increase metabolism, which can help burn calories in the body. For effectiveness it is advisable to go for the sugar-free oats and add your own personal sweetener which is healthy.

Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, and macadamias:

Can be added in salads or taken as snacks in very low quantities. They are considered as good weight foods as their protein and fat content leave one feeling full which helps them stay away from snacks in between meals.

Soy beans:

These are well-known weight foods that have the chemical called lecithin. This chemical protects your cells from accumulating too much fat. It is also useful for breaking down the fat deposits in the body thereby aiding in weight loss.

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