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Know About Food Hospitality

Published at 02/06/2012 15:08:07


Know About Food Hospitality

Food hospitality is one of the most flourishing and growing industries in our modern times. It ranges from small time catering business to restaurant take out business. The major reason for such popularity of food hospitality is the dynamic world of today. We live in a fast moving world, where socializing or outdoor quality time with friends and family is hard to come by. In such a scenario, food hospitality proves to be a brilliant industry that allows all of us to engage in the best form of communication and is also a platform that allows healthy gathering.


Food hospitality varies from culture to culture. The English culture is more towards the formal sort of a gathering. In history, we had Lords, Dukes and the royal family engaged in food hospitality for friends, family and other important figures. In fact, this form of formal gathering was being followed throughout the world. Food hospitality was also found in family wedding, where the host would feed the guests in a lavish dinner. This is followed even today. Essentially, such hospitality evolved into more of a private business aimed at earning money. For example, tea shops opened in parts of China as a form of private business. This form of food hospitality eventually evolved into restaurant business. Today, we have wide range of businesses involved in food hospitality, like restaurant take-out businesses and other catering businesses.


Food hospitality features and encompasses a lot of forms and shapes. It can be simple dine-in at pizza hut, allowing us to discuss everything while exchanging heartwarming laughter and jokes, or it can be a dinner celebrating one’s birthday. In whichever case that is being observed, we must ensure that all guests are served with delicious, clean and healthy food. Food hospitality tends to include the ambiance in some cases as well. If the food is perfect and the surroundings are pathetic then the aim will not be achieved. A proper budget is one of the particular features as without which an event that serves food can never take place. Some occasions require for the guests or attendees to pay for the food themselves and sometimes food is complementary.

Tips and comments

The foremost factor that needs to be catered to is hygiene. The organizers and provides must ensure that the food is prepared cleanly and stored at the prescribed temperatures to avoid spoiling. As it would set a rather bad impression if people become unwell or discover disgusting tidbits in their food while eating. I for one flinch at the thought of uncovering something gross like hair from my food! Another aspect is the ease with which the food is available. In most cases its ideal for waiters to personally serve food and in other cases self serving is preferred. Nowadays, people have become increasingly health conscious, which means that food provision should be in light with this preference. Special changes such as using less salt and brown bread instead of white are to be incorporated. The experience on a whole, should aim to surpass previous ones and live out all expectations and must not disappoint.