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Foods now are a family owned natural food processing company. El Richard started this company in 1968 and the whole family has contributed in its success. Foods now was founded under the belief that good health is not a luxury available to wealthy people only but it can be possible for poor to buy healthy food with good quality and affordable prices. For last forty years it has been the priority of the company to provide healthy food and nutritional supplements of the highest possible quality, at a price that is at the same time fair and affordable to anybody who seeks it. Present day world economy is slowing in its recovery from financial crisis, and therefore, it’s hard to do business but still foods now is able to expand and has became with the top selling brands and an award winning manufacturer and leader in natural product and nutritional science methods. As the services and products by foods now is empowering people with the right of leading a healthier lifestyle.

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Over the span of forty years foods now have been acquiring other firms and enhancing its facilities by opening new plants. It has a 263,000 sq. ft facility to produce the most scientifically advanced in the whole natural food industry. It has retail stores not only in Canada, USA but also across the world. It has established it’s self as manufacturer of vitamins, healthy food, natural personal care and sports nutrition product.

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One of the reasons is the highest priority given to quality, at foods now testing is done as a feet forward controlling activity. Foods now tests raw material, in process formulas and finished products as a day to day on going activity. Experienced and highly trained professionals use latest technology to gauge the quality of food throughout the manufacturing process. This process is carried out in dedicated laboratories.

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Foods now provides food supplements with over 45 product categories and over 2,000 SKU’s, foods now offers nutritional oils, Herbs, heart health, joint health and digestive health supplements. In personal care category foods now offers aromatherapy, body care, facial care, hair car, topical oils, women’s health and recopies for personal care.


It offers sports products such as Amino acids powder, Diet and Weight Management, protein powders, nutrition’s for strength and power and endurance and recovery. In foods category it offers better stevia the better tasting sweetener and now real food and now real tea.


It’s a great achievement by food now that how it is producing exceptional valued natural health products for the last 40 years. Due to its commitments to providing best natural health product it has achieved tremendous growth and expansion from a family run natural health store back in 1968 to a global leader in producing natural health products. Foods now have been and will continue to be committed to affordable quality products manufactured with natural ingredients. They will employ cutting edge technology to test whole of its manufacturing process t keep it natural and without contamination.

By John, published at 02/14/2012
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