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Although processor foods have been a luxury thing only for those who could afford and have money to spare. Many of the households didn’t considered it as an important kitchen item but with time and innovation the vendors have lowered the prices within the buying power of an average American household. Now a day, the usage of processor foods have increased many folds and food processors such as toasters are being a routine kitchen item used in almost any household. Serious cooks and bakers make most of their work out of these processors because it saves their lots of time.

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A processor food is an electric kitchen tool that is used to chop, grate, grind, slice and mix a vast variety of food ingredients that are used in making various recopies for everyday meals at home. Processor foods come with a lot of blades which make it convenient and reduce the preparation time significantly. Depending on size and models processor foods have from 2-14 cup capacities. Some also have feeder tubes to control and also direct food insert. They have lids to protect food in containers. There are many tips that can make processor foods convenient to use.

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When considering tasks for processor foods they perform few functions very well. First chopping items such as herbs, garlic, nuts and olives etc. Second grating carrots, cheese and chocolates etc, then slicing cabbage, onions and potatoes etc. And finally they are good at mixing blending and making breads or pizza ingredients. It can also be suggested that some activities such as grinding of spices or nuts or slicing can also be done by blenders.

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All the processor food blades are made p of metals and are razor sharp cannot be used for food that is hard. In order to avoid any problems always use freezing before food before processing. Use sliding discs for semi frozen soft cheese. To uniformly chop dried fruits, meat, poultry and chocolate always partially freeze them.


Another tip is not to miscalculate the power of processor foods. It is much more powerful than a blender or stand mixer. If you simply turn on a processor with blades on chances are that you will spoil your ingredients as you will not be in control of the things and it will be over processed. So always start processing food by on and of pulses and not by direct switch on. Though processor foods are good at mixing few things but they are not good at mixing pancakes or breads and will result in thick over mix and leathery results.


When using the upright slicing and shredding blades always place the food pushing tool on top of the ingredients before you engage the processor motor. You can use the firm pushing stance to make slices it will be done in a matter of seconds. Always regularly empty the food bowl to avoid the pressure on the blades. Try to avoid food from getting stuck between the blades and the bowl below.

By John, published at 02/14/2012
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