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People eat for all manners of reasons; however, there are some best foods that are worth traveling over the world to gorge on it. If you ask people why they eat they will give the following reasons; stay healthy, others because they are hungry yet others eat because the food is worth eating and delicious enough. The love for food is quite sincere according to most food experts; some types of foods are just irresistible.

In order for one to sample some of the world’s best foods they may have to go right where the foods originated from in order to sample the dish from the very source with all the original ingredients involved in preparing the foods.
Some of the best foods may not necessarily be the most nutritious but there are worth gorging on.

Step 1

Massaman curry-Thailand
Thailand has some of the best foods that one can ever tastes in the world. Massaman curry is a great combination and nothing can beat this king of curries with its spicy coconutty flavor that cries out to be tasted by everyone. This sauce is sold on nearly every corner not only in Thailand but in most parts of the world as its rich aroma is just tantalizing.

Step 2

Neapolitan Pizza-Italy
The Neapolitan Pizza has been considered as the best foods including among pizzas, simple but tastiest of all. It’s ingredients are now protected by the trade association,some of the products that goes in to making the pizza includes sea salt high grade wheat flour, fresh tomatoes among others. The process begins by hand rolling the dough and the pizza must be cooked over a strictly wooden fire .Though its contents are very basic the Neapolitans succeeded in making food that is renowned the world over.

Step 3

Few people would expect that this country renown for soaps and cowboys would also have some of the world’s best foods. The highly sought after strawberry pink Quality Street chocolate has attracted so much attention that even a movie has been produced about it. This delicacy is made from cacao bean and turned in one of the best culinary flavors. It has a bitter –creamy taste and without it even the Valentines Day would be a boring day.

Step 4

Some people argue that the Japanese live longer than people from other countries and their secret lies in the best foods they eat. Others argue that these exceptional people have a knack for purposely building something that is worthwhile. This could be true as they have built some of the most recognized brands in the world in various fields such as Nikkon, Sony electronics, Yahama and many others.

Surprisingly enough, they have also put together a real delicacy that qualifies as one of the best foods in the world. This delicious dish is simply a combination of raw fish and rice, simple you would say, however it’s the manner in which the two are combined that makes rank among the best foods and also a favorite of people all over the world.


Step 5

Peking duck –China
This is considered as the only way that you want your duck unless it’s floating on water or flying. The secret of this world’s best foods is in the maltose syrup coating. It’s roasted slowly in an oven till its crisp. Nothing can beat the sweat aroma that emanates from this delicacy even before it’s placed on your table.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/10/2012
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