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How To Give Gift Food


Finding the perfect gift item for everyone on your list can seem difficult. If you aren't sure what to present, try a basket of gift food. Food gifts are almost always appreciated since they are immediately useful and don't result in clutter or an item that just takes up space in the recipient's home. When selecting gift food, choose gourmet or specialty items that your friend or family member will see as a treat. Items they wouldn't normally buy for themselves work exceptionally well.

Step 1

Select a basket for the gift food. Don't limit yourself to just plain wicker baskets. For example, use a popcorn bucket for a movie night food basket or a nice baking dish for a ham. Baskets and containers that complement the food item and provide use after the fact are more appreciated.

Step 2

Choose gift food within a theme. A dessert basket can feature packets of cocoa, cookie mixes, chocolate chips, and other dessert items. A cheese basket isn't complete without crackers and perhaps a summer sausage to fill it out. A collection of items that surround a theme make the basket more useful since the recipient doesn't have to purchase more ingredients to enjoy their basket.

Step 3

Add necessary or fun implements. Include a nice cheese knife for a cheese and cracker basket, or pot holders for a cooking or baking themed basket of gift food. Other options are cookie cutters, wine openers, mugs or wine glasses, serving dishes and baking pans. You may even want to include a few fun items for adults or children, such as silly kitchen gadget or a cookbook. For a basket of gourmet popcorn, include a movie disk, for an ice cream sundae basket don't forget the scoop and sundae bowls.

Step 4

Wrap the basket attractively. Use colored cellophane and a large bow for a simple gift food wrapping. The food is still visible through the cellophane. Another option is to use a useful item for the wrapping. A tea towel or apron makes an attractive wrap that adds more value to the gift. Avoid dirty or soiled wrapping, as this can make the food seem unappetizing. The wrapping should complement the gift, not detract from it.

Step 5

Target the gift food to the recipient. If your friend is a wine lover, put together a basket of fine wines and cheeses. Movie buffs enjoy popcorn and snacks suitable for a home movie viewing. Children like sweets, while busy mothers or elderly people may like an all-in-one meal basket. If the recipient has a known health concern that impacts their diet, select the gift food carefully so it matches what they are allowed to eat.


If you don't have the time to put together a basket of gift food on your own, or want the basket delivered to someone in a different state, order a preassembled basket from a gift food company.

If you must ship your gift food to the recipient, choose items that don't spoil quickly. Even packages marked as fragile will get jostled around during shipping, so avoid delicate items that can break or become damaged during mailing.

By Jenny Ross, published at 02/14/2012
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