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When planning a celebration, the party food served can make the event more enjoyable and memorable for your guests. Select party food ideas that requires little preparation and is easy to eat while the guests talk and move around the room. Use decorative platters and bowls for serving the party food. The right food ideas make a table that looks attractive and makes the food seem even tastier.

Step 1

Make up large party platters filled with bite sized finger foods. Party food ideas for platters include the tried and true favorites like sliced vegetables, crackers, chips, fruits and of course a variety of dips. Yogurt or melted chocolate makes an interesting food idea for sweet items like fruit, while cheese, ranch and other dips work well with savory chips and vegetables. Supply small plates or napkins so the guests can mingle as they eat instead of all crowding around the party food table. If you use a food idea where fruit chunks are served in a bowl or in a hollowed out melon rind, provide a large selection of picks for the guests to serve themselves.

Step 2

Another food idea is a build your own station. This party food idea requires minimal prep work and allows your guests to create exactly what they want. Place a variety of different bread types on a tray. Add a tray with different meats and cheeses, as well as one containing lettuce, sliced tomatoes and other vegetables suitable for sandwiches. Don't forget to set out a selection of sandwich spreads and plenty of knives. Guests enjoy selecting items from the party food and you aren't stuck preparing enough sandwiches for everyone beforehand. You can use these food ideas for more than sandwiches. You can have a build your own pizza area or a taco bar. The fun is in selecting items, but make sure you have the ability to quickly heat the food as your guests are ready.

Step 3

Serve your party food on a stick. Make up a selection of food on skewers to serve at the event. Threading fresh fruits or vegetables onto kabob skewers is one of many food ideas, making it easy for your guests to carry and eat the food without the need for plates or utensils. Savory skewers can hold deli meats and cheese. It's even possible to serve the party foods with dip. If you want to fire up the barbecue, consider threading chicken, beef and vegetables onto skewers and grilling them up as a food idea for the event. Display skewers on trays or stand them upright in wide vases or glasses. Fruit skewers look particularly attractive when they are inserted into a large melon or pineapple.

Step 4

Miniature foods also work as a food idea for party snacks. Serve sliders instead of hamburgers or mini-sausages instead of hot dogs. Specialty bakers carry small buns for these treats. Alternatively, make your own buns or serve miniature pigs in a blanket by wrapping the sausages in biscuit dough before you bake them. You can also make miniature pizzas on English muffins, or serve small slices of bruschetta. Small finger sandwiches, meatballs on toothpicks and chicken satay are other food ideas.

By Jenny Ross, published at 02/09/2012
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