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Do You Know About Food Bags?


Polythene, plastic and paper bags are sometimes used to store food. They are also sometimes used to transfer food from one place to another. They are basically made to help people to transfer food items. They help in holding a big amount of food easily in one hand, since it gets difficult to handle a large quantity of food at the same time. Food bags are very common is stores nowadays. These bags are really cheap and in some stores you can get food bags absolutely free and in some other stores you can ask for a bag if you want to and they will hand them over to you for no money at all.


These food bags have been in business for a long time. They were made by mixing adhesives, different types of macro elements and many other types of organic materials. They have been providing help to mankind for a longtime. They are in use for quite a long time now. They are the best kind of pouch like bags that enable you to carry more than single item of food from one place to another, at the same time.


However, food bags have their pros and cons just like any other thing. They have been in use for quite a long time and after their prolonged use, and the immense number of researches scientists have told human beings about the harmful things that can happen due to the prolonged use of these bags. These bags are very useful in one way. They are made up of a set of materials that are not that expensive. They are usually made of polythene, plastic, paper, wood, a really thin plastic, thin fibers etc. These materials are cheap and can be found easily and the manufacturing process is also very cheap and not that much time consuming. They can be made in less than twenty minutes and they are used by people at all times. These bags are found in super markets as well as in street markets. When you go for shopping to a place and buy stuff, you are given the things that you buy in a bag which is made out of these things. The bags help you in holding a number of stuff at a time, without having the stuff falling over. However, the disadvantage of these bags is that when they are manufactured, dangerous fumes are emitted, which are harmful for the human beings. If some one inhales the gaseous fumes of this plastic material, then that person might become a victim of harmful diseases. These bags can also cause the poisoning of brain, as the fumes travel through your nostrils when you inhale the dangerous air and go straight to your brain. The waste material of the manufactured plastic is sometimes dumped into the factories located in nearby lakes or rivers. This causes poisoning of fish. The fish and other sea life get harmed. Moreover, pollution is caused and the sea life is killed. This also has a bad effect on the crops which are watered by the same harmful water of the rivers. These plastic bags and bottles when used for a long time poison the food that it holds and harms the person who uses it.

Tips and comments

Food bags are cheap but they sure cause a lot of diseases and bring harm to the human beings, so their use should be replaced by bags that are made up of either fabric or paper because these materials are environment friendly.

By Amara, published at 02/13/2012
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