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Every day people throw away leftover food that they do not feel like having, a survey conducted in America showed that seventy percent of the households throw the food they buy. The common reason given by the people for throwing away food was the food going bad. But this can be easily avoided by some very non expensive techniques that will save money and prevent wastage of food that is using food containers, the containers food can be anything from the cheap plastic containers to the expensive and beautiful glass containers. Food stored in the freezer develops freezer burn, it is a chemical process that takes place in the food that is kept in the food below zero degrees. It makes the food dehydrated making it taste foul. To combat this, freezer proof storage bags should be used as the food in them remains sealed against the freezer burn. Thus container food remains fresh and its taste is preserved as well.


Vegetables and fruits go bad in just a few hours if they are not taken care of. They are highly sensitive and some of them are not adaptable to the weather change. Therefore, it is of prime importance that the vegetables and fruit should be kept in breathable bags. To allow the circulation of air in the bag, make tiny holes in it, preferably with a puncher, but then seal the bag from the top. If the vegetables and fruits are stored this way they will remain good for up to a few weeks time. The container food, thus, becomes a safe way to ensure freshness and also prevents extra space in the fridge, as all the air comes out of the bag, making it shrink to a smaller and thinner size. Similarly the plastic bags can also be used for packing leftovers and homemade broths. They come in handy if you are planning to prepare your food in advance. What you can do is, make packets and label them for the coming week.


Other container food storage types are the hard plastic body containers. These are especially useful to store gravy, soup, cake or any delicate item which is susceptible of getting a distorted shape in the plastic bag. They are difficult to keep in the fridge as they take up space, but they prevent the cold air form going inside as most of them are air tight. Thus, the food remains fresh for long. The added benefit of these plastic containers is that they are both, microwave and fridge oriented. Therefore, once the food is taken out of the fridge it can be heated in the same container.

Tips and comments

The containers are a must have for every home since the container food makes sure the food is kept fresh and eatable. The air tight containers avoid spilling of food inside the fridge, as they have a secure lid on top of them. Subsequently, they prevent delicate food like cakes from becoming dry and retain the same fresh taste. These containers do not break and do not get dented. They are also easily available.

By Amara, published at 02/17/2012
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Containers Food Keeping It Fresh. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.