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The food pyramid was replaced by a nutritional concept called my plate. The food pyramid was the standard for many years that both children and adults try to adhere to when getting proper daily nutritional intake. However, the food pyramid was more complicated than it was helpful for many people.

The USDA published the my plate template in 2011, although the plan was in the works to replace the food pyramid for months if not years. Imagine looking down on a plate that has sections or compartments for various parts of your meal. This is how many people prefer to sit down and have dinner, making sure one food item does not touch another. This seems only reasonable when getting people to consider different food groups throughout the day.

Whether you're using the old food pyramid or the new my plate template, you can easily follow these nutrition guidelines by considering the following tips.

Step 1

Print out copies of the food pyramid. Place a copy of the food pyramid wherever you prepare your meals. For example, most people prepare their meals in the kitchen, so place a copy of the food pyramid in this room, preferably on or near the refrigerator. If you're like most people the refrigerator is the first place where you start to prepare your meals. by placing a copy of this chart on the refrigerator door, you're constantly reminded that you need to adhere to the recommendations of this food pyramid.

You might even consider creating a spreadsheet or table that separates the food groups in columns. Place this table next to the food pyramid and keep a daily record of your nutritional intake.


Step 2

Download an application, or an app, that relates to the food pyramid. If you have a cell phone or smartphone that has the iPhone operating system, android operating system or Windows 7 operating system, you most likely have the ability to download and install applications to the handheld device.

In most situations, you can visit an online store or marketplace to browse for applications. When you reach the search box, type in the phrase "food pyramid." You'll most likely find several applications that relate to this chart, being that these recommendations have been out for several years.

Carefully read the product description for each application before making a purchase and downloading the app to your mobile device. You should see a fair amount of free applications, in addition to those vendors that ask for a fee or donation to use their software programs.

Usually these programs are intuitive, and the learning curve since the average user. The benefit of installing application, is that when you are away from home, such as at work or at school all day, eating out at a restaurant or any cafeteria, you're still able to adhere to the food pyramid without much hassle.

Step 3

Contact a dietitian or other type of nutritional expert to help you get started with using the food pyramid. First, check with your health plan to determine if these specialists' services are included, meaning that there may be no out-of-pocket costs for a consultation. You're wanting to learn more about the food pyramid and follow its recommendations is along the lines of what is commonly called preventative healthcare, something which major insurance carriers and employers are pushing for employees.


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By Adri Buckminster, published at 02/21/2012
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