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Top Five Delicious Southern Food Recipes on Desserts


Desserts are loved by nearly everyone in the world. It is very hard to find somebody who has a dislike towards taking desserts. Desserts don't just have a sweet aroma and luscious flavor, but also help in the digestive process. The major reason behind serving desserts after a heavy meal is aiding in proper digestion. Desserts have a unique place in southern food recipes in India. Each and every occasion is associated with special desserts. There are certain desserts that are prepared as a part of rituals, festivals and weddings. The uniqueness of desserts in southern food recipes are the hot desserts rather than cool deserts. Here are the top five southern food recipes on desserts. 

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Top Southern Food Recipes  

Payasam – It is one of the most common and widely used hot dessert among the southern food recipes. The major ingredient of this dessert is milk, sugar and cardomam. It is one of the most versatile dishes as any kind of major grain or cereal can be added like rice, wheat, pulses, powa, vermicelli and even oats. Texture and taste of this dessert can be enriched by adding chopped nuts and dried fruits roasted in ghee and saffron. It is usually served hot.

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Tamilnadu - Southern Food Recipes  

Adhirasam – This is one of the desserts that has been associating the people of tamilnadu for centuries. It has important place in all marriages and major festivals. It is also offered as offerings in the temples. The pastry is made with nicely powdered rice after soaking it for few hours, jaggery, butter and cardomam powder. The pastry is rolled like small size roti and is then deep fried in the oil or ghee until it turns golden brown. It tastes more delicious when served hot.

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 Karnataka - Southern Food Recipes  

Mysore Pak – It is one of the most traditional desserts of Karnataka, India. The sweet is named after the city Mysore. It was initially created and served in the Mysore Palace only to the kings and the heirs. It was considered a royal sweet and is made of besan flour, sugar and ghee. Equal amount of besan flour, sugar and ghee are mixed and stirred under the medium heat until it gets thickened. Adding more ghee to the dessert gives it a unique flavor and aroma.

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Kerala - Southern Food Recipes  

Sakka Pradhaman – The traditional dessert associated with the Kerala cuisine is Sakka Pradhaman also called as jack fruit payasam. It can be called as a main dish of Kerala, rather calling it as a dessert as almost every day people of Kerala tend to include this dessert in their menu. The major ingredients are jackfruit (riped pieces of jackfruit and make it as a paste), jaggery, ghee, grated coconut, coconut milk, cardomam and dry fruits. It is also a type of payasam, where coconut milk is used instead of milk as a main ingredient.

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Andhra Pradesh - Southern Food Recipes  

Kesari Bath – Desserts in Andhra Pradesh are mostly influenced by the North Indian style of preparation. Cashew nuts are added as the major ingredients in majority of the desserts for rich flavor. Similarly, milk is also added in most of the desserts. Jaggery is not used in their desserts, where Sugar is preferred. Kesari bath made of Suji and sugar with cashew, cashew laddu, etc., are the common desserts of Andhra.


Get some desserts or a piece of fresh fruit after every meal, which can eases the digestion.

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