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Can Food - Pros And Cons


Not every individual has time to plan for a healthy, home cooked, delicious and desired food. Rather, even if they wish to plan for a home cooked meal it is not possible because of the rapid lifestyle and tight work schedule. The technological advancements have undoubtedly gifted us with numerous benefits and advantages to cope up with the fast moving world. One such benefit offered to the mankind is can food. Can food is nothing but the preserved and processed food. People with busy schedules are more likely to go for a meal on the run, which is catered by can food. Is the can food really healthy? How long can a person rely on taking can food as a meal choice on the go? What are the drawbacks of taking canned foods? Here is the brief guide on pros and cons of can food.

Pros of Can food:

Longevity: The greatest advantage of can foods is the longevity. Can food is processed and stored with various preservatives, which increases their life. Eventually, the foods can be stored for a longer period. Canned fruits and vegetables last for several weeks and any one carry the can foods for a longer journey. Unlike fresh foods, which tend to spoil and get rotten in a maximum of two days, canned foods can be used for weeks.

Variety: The variety of foods available as natural foods is also found in can foods. From fruits, vegetables, to nuts and grains, can foods have numerous choices to serve the hungry men. Further, canned fruits and vegetables contains good amount of vitamins. You can find almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables available as canned foods including the frozen fruits.

Affordability: When you compare the cost of buying the fresh foods with can foods, the former is quite expensive than the later, specifically the fresh vegetables. Since it lasts for few weeks and can be stored for a longer period, it can be purchased at bulk with additional discounts.

Flexibility: It helps the people who are always in the run and who are too busy to cook in their hectic schedule.

Cons of can food:

Lack of original flavor and aroma: There is nothing equivalent to the original taste and aroma of a fresh fruit or a vegetable. In spite of the variety available in can foods, the taste of the preserved foods lag behind when compared with the cooked as well as fresh foods.

High sugar and high salt: Since the can food is processed with preservatives, most of the preservatives are more likely to be high in sugar and salt, which can abruptly lead towards elevated level of blood glucose and blood pressure. Further, can food is not the right choice for people diagnosed with any illness. Moreover, people who are under any kind of diet should avoid taking can foods.

Lack in nutrition: Even though can foods can claim that they contain the nutrients, it certain lacks in the quantum of nutrient offered by the fresh foods. The real nutritious value of one serving of vegetable salad is thrice more than the same quantity of canned vegetables.

Tips and comments


Limited usage of can food can help in balancing the work and life and also cater to the nutritional needs of a healthy body. If you are unable to get some cooked food or busy with some other schedule, you can choose to go with a canned food for one meal a day and use the fresh cooked meal or fresh fruits and vegetables for the rest of the meals.

By SPDB, published at 02/28/2012
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Can Food - Pros And Cons. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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