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What You Need To Know About Management Information System


Information management systems provide most organizations an opportunity to manage their information more effectively and efficiently. First is people, second is technology and third is decisionmaking. These information management systems are used to analyze the operational activities of organizations. However, these are different from other typical information systems.

The most common examples of information management systems are like executive information systems, expert systems and decision support systems. Before computing basic operations was performed in business organizations manually and only one at a time which give a serious impact on accounting systems and which also made performance more limited and delayed as well. At that time all actions were performed according to the requirements provided by any particular customer according to their respective necessities. With the advancement of time and the introduction of modern day information management system allows us to differentiate between different forms of data and systems which produce and organize relationships, summaries, abstracts and generalizations of that respective data.


Little details and structures like payroll data and tracking sales were implemented on the systems which were introduced before. With the improvement in technology hardware storage capacity increases, systems become more complex to handle and improved technology is still coming until now. With the passage of time people started storing more amounts of data and they get easy access to link huge data together. As well as managers become able to create a complete management report with the help of stored data.

Tips and comments

Some applications of different types of information management system in real life are like many companies who started using information management systems become able to estimate their weaknesses and strengths due to the availability of employees performance reports and revenue reports from information management systems. Companies become able to increase their processes and operations with the help of these reports which were generated. These information managements systems also give us the whole picture of an organization from which we can guess about the communication and planning types in an organization.

Customer needs become more important through the use of information management systems because through it we can take customers feedback and data which leads companies to perform promotions activities, direct marketing and effective management of customers data. Through information management systems customers records become important data for a company. That is really a good thing because in modern world information is really considered as the key things to become in competition. In any operating region of an organization we can estimate about the consumer trends and how they buy things as well as their behavior towards any particular product through the analysis and sales reports generated by information management systems.

By Ali Javed, published at 03/28/2012
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