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The field for systems information management is extensive. Corporations, government, small businesses, and various industries relay on technicians, engineers, support staff, and qualified information technicians to keep their business running smoothly. The job title varies, but the basics remain the same, computers and the various components, require maintenance, repair, and upgrades.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for systems information management technicians is expected to grow faster than any other occupation. Information technology will continue to progress. The pay rate will vary among the different organizations. For instance, government organizations may offer a higher wage than corporations and smaller businesses.


Attending college or a specialized training school is your first move to establishing a career in systems information management. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree to gain a management position. Many corporations require an MBA, Masters of Business Administration, with computer technology as your minor. A master’s degree in computer systems information management is offered at specialized training schools. Check with your local community colleges or state colleges. With a college degree in computer sciences, you may even decide to operate your own business. When deciding on a college, consider the courses offered. If a specialization is offered, consider if it fits your interests in employment.

Specializations include computer programmers, analysts, support specialists, software engineers, and chief technology officers (CFT). The career ladder includes promotions in the organization you are hired by. A CFT's job is to review and determine if a particular computer system, network, or software package is suitable for the organization. Installation and implementation require a sound background in computer systems information management.

Government Careers

The opportunities in the government include working at the federal, state, or county level. Forensic computer technicians work within the criminal investigations' field. The job entails searching through computers, computerized records, and other electronic media in search of evidence. The Central Intelligence Agency has several areas where your expertise as a computer systems information management expert is needed. These include the accounting department, human resources, Cyber security, legal, and a number of other areas within the agency. All government offices operate a high level of security and depend on computers to operate a vast organization. As a systems information management technician the field is open.

Private Sector

Every business today, large and small, operates with the assistance of computers. Information is exchanged, created, removed, and stored via computers. Working in the systems information management industry, there is plenty of room for specialization and growth. Networks are important to large businesses, government organizations and schools. All the computers, network equipment, and every piece connecting one computer terminal to another require management, maintenance, and repair. Corporations offer different employment packages depending on your degree and experience.

You may decide to develop your own business or hire out as an independent contractor to the government or private corporations. This is another area where specialization is important. Operating as an independent contractor or small-business owner can get complicated. You are responsible for bringing in business and managing the finances.

The workflow is never ending as long as computer technology continues to thrive. Individuals, small businesses, the government offices, and anyone with a computer are in need of assistance at one time or another. Work from home out of your garage, make house calls, or open a small shop.

By Connie Kirkpatrick, published at 03/28/2012
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