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How To Organize An Office School Supplies Drive


Diligent school managers know the importance of sourcing office school supplies by the use of channels that will benefit both the providers of the resources as well as meet the required goal of sufficing the school with the equipments that it needs.

Step 1

School budgets are mostly very tight and at times staff members are forced to purchase their own teaching materials so as to keep abreast with the curriculum. This route is not enough for the requirements that a whole school may need to be fully operational and that is why school heads or the department that is concerned with making sure that the institution has enough facilities has to derive a way to raise funds for the office school supplies.

Step 2

These office school supplies are very vital towards making the student's learning more lively and result-full. It is also a positive step to make sure that the teaching staff has all the facilities that they require to deliver through their teaching.

Step 3

There are a number of ways that can be followed when a school is organizing for this kind of a drive, and some of them are explained below.

Students Organized Drives:

When the students are included in fund raising drives in support of the purchasing of the equipments, it does not only meet the targeted goal but also encourages the students to have a focused mind on the importance of the targeted goal as well as the community that they will be targeting for the support. The students will also have the chance to interact with different people and do different activities and this will equip them will skills and experiences that they can also use latter in their lives. Some of them for example are, understanding the importance of money, the benefits of working as a team and mingling with the wider community in pursuit of a vital goal.

Step 4

Students can raise money for the office school supplies through different ideas like selling sweets and chocolates, making T-shirts, creating artwork for sale, baking cookies, doing door-to-door campaigns and also requesting funding from business people.

Step 5

Raising Money Through Local Businesses:

The business community in a particular locality will always want to chip in and help whenever they are requested to support an institution in buying office school supplies. They can support the course in different ways like advertisement that may help the management to get office school supplies from selected stores at reduced prices.

Student Operated Businesses

Office school supplies can also be bought from money raised through the small enterprises that are mostly run by students in school. These can be selling of snacks, renting computer games at break times and even selling toys.

Recycling Products

Some devices and other things that are not in use anymore like old computers and printers can be sold to businesses that buy such things. The school can dispose such things through selling them and use the money to buy the needed office school supplies. These and many other ideas can be used to give the institution the office school supplies that are very much needed for the smooth running of the school.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/01/2012
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