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Office supplies are like the gasoline in an automobile that keeps the engine running. If you fail to properly resupply various machines and equipment in your office, you won't be able to function. For example, many professionals who have a home office use an inkjet printer, because they are generally cheaper than laser printers that larger corporations may use. Unfortunately, ink for desktop inkjet printers becomes rather costly over time as it has to be replaced for the printer is usable again. Small businesses also need tips and ideas for office supplies and the following ideas may easily apply to any type of professional or use of office equipment and machines.

Step 1

Create your own business cards using office supplies that you already own. Many independent professionals and those who represent businesses commonly outsource business card creation to third party companies. Business card makers commonly have graphic design, printing and other expertise that is necessary to make a business card worth having and distributing out to other clients who want contact information.

Alternatively, you can use productivity programs that many people already own. For example, the Professional and Ultimate editions of the the Microsoft Office program may include both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. It's easy to create a business card in Microsoft Word from scratch, but it make take long to develop the text box and make the images remain stationary.

Another Microsoft Office option is to use Publisher to create and then printed business cards on your inkjet printer using business card stock paper, instead of regular sheets of paper. In some cases you can take you final design to a commercial printer, if that is cheaper. The point is to save time and money on hiring someone else to create your business cards.


Step 2

Become more socially responsible by buying recycled and eco-friendly office supplies. This includes the using recycled office paper, and refilling inkjet cartridges or buying remanufactured tanks. Being conscious about the environment goes for both the home and office user.

Another term for buying office supplies that don't harm the environment is going "green." If your office uses cleaning solutions, such as dry-erase board cleaners, consider going with brands that proclaim to do little or no harm to the environment. This goes for when the cleaning solution is produced at the factory as well as when consumers and business customers use the cleaning products after obtaining the item from the store. You don't want to purchase supplies that are polluting someone else's water and air, even if the factory is in another state or country.


Step 3

Diversify your sources for office supplies. Many local companies have accounts at local office supplies retailers and this has been the status quo for decades, if not centuries. You can refer this type of arrangement as business-to-business, or B2B, in comparison to business-to-consumer, or B2C. Businesses who use other business suppliers create their own economy, that is often separate and apart from how the average individual who obtains office supplies. Most people pick up a pack of pencils or paper wherever there is a decent sale.

Professionals and businesses should subscribe to websites that publish sales on office supplies. In many cases, the local office supplies retailers, such as Staples and Office Depot, have online websites as well. By ordering products online, and then having them shipped directly to your workplace, you may save time and money on office supplies.

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