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What do you need in your office to have a successful home business? If you work from home, and you don't have set office hours. Your office is where your laptop is at the moment and that could very well be on the bed or on the couch, but to have a successful home business, you need a few key office business supplies. Getting notebooks for office supplies business is highly recommended. You can jot down all ideas, research notes, and things that you have learned through online classes and blogs in the notebooks. But, if you're not a tech geek don't mind using a computer or you're more techno savvy and use other types of electronics to take notes with, you won't need as many notebooks as anyone would. So invest in a good laptop or desktop computer or one of those newer tablets that are gaining popularity.

Step 1

Your home office needs a desk to put your computer on, because a couch or a bed is not an effective place to put your computer. Not to mention, bending over a laptop kills the back. Don't forget to get a comfy chair. you'll be sitting in it for a while hopefully working. A good office supplies business store will have oodles to test.

Step 2

Next thing on your list is a good calendar with squares big enough to log your hours in and to keep track of your appointments. They can be easily found in the office supplies business. Logging your hours will be very important at tax time. And, keeping track of your appointments is very important so you don't lose any customers.

Step 3

As a successful businessperson, you and the people around you need to have an understanding that when it is time for work, it is time for work and to have as few interruptions as possible. That is a very hard rule to live by when you're working from home. When friends and family, even neighbors know that you are home, they ask you to do all kinds of favors from watching their kids to signing a delivery.

Step 4

Along with a decent computer, you will need a good printer to print out all those job orders and bill of sales. Right? One can hope! A multifunctional printer/fax/copier is ideal. They can easily found in any office supplies business store.

Step 5

Most places ask if you can receive faxes before they fax you something. When you know you're getting a fax, just plug it in to the existing phone line and receive away. Or, you could plug it in to the house phone line while you're working so that when those pesky neighbors call, all they'll get is the noise of the fax machine.


Another must-have item is Post-It notes. If you love Post-It Notes and have them stuck everywhere. Post-It notes are a very useful tool in teaching your child to read. Just label everything in your home with Post-It Notes. Those are just a few simple and inexpensive office supplies for your home business. These things can be obtained from your average office supplies business store. Have fun shopping at a office supplies business.

By samque, published at 02/21/2012
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