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Before knowing about office desk supplies, it is necessary to know what an office desk is. An office desk is an office furniture item either made of wood or steel used by the personnel and employees to put their accessories on. Now coming to office desk supplies, it means the accessories like staplers, punches, pens, pencils, papers, files, pen holders, pins, desk trays, desk pads and more.


Office supplies are day to day usage items that are treated as expense of the office. It depends upon the type of work performed at the workplace to decide whether office supplies comprise of a major expenditure of the office or not.

Though with technological advancements the use of these supplies has been reduced to a great extent due to extensive use of computers and electronic documentations, recording of transactions and manuals, electronic filing of returns, sending and receiving correspondences and more. yet their significance in the office cannot be denied as the use can never be eliminated completely. Even if the office work is completely switched to electronic mode, yet the supplies would be required one way or other.

A decade ago when there were no computers or software to facilitate the work, entire office work was done manually. There was an extended use of the supplies as everything was done by hand including recording in and maintaining registers, day to day transactions and more. at that time the inventory and administrative expense majorly comprised of stationary and other office supplies.


the usage of pen and pencils has been majorly replaced by printers. Recording registers for the transactions and movements have been replaced by accounting software like Peachtree, QuickBooks and more.

The desk supplies being very small in size as an expense are more prone to theft. Therefore, they are kept under strict supervision of a person or official authorized for making purchase, issue of supplies from the store house and sale of scrap.

Moreover, the desk accessories can be more than just office accessories necessarily used for job completion. The desk supplies can also be a source of great look to the office and add up to the office interior. They can be giving a pleasant look to the place around.


The suppliers and manufacturers of the desk supplies are now innovating newer selections for the workplace. One can now get fun office supplies and desk accessories that will not only be functional you but entertaining as well. The days of the plain stapler, tape dispenser and manila file folders are over. To give a new innovative look to the place different types of supplies like funny supplies, stylish supplies and more. are now available on the markets and with the suppliers to shop for. So now one can equip and decorate the office with the supplies with style, utility, and quality. 

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/14/2012
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