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The food consumption culture has become extremely diverse in its nature and caters to the demands of million worldwide. There are around thousands of different cuisines that to satisfy the appetites of hard-core foodies. Restaurant the customers want portray a variety of ambiences and are located in different places provide relaxing and unique dining experiences along with filling the stomach. Families and co-workers both have an increased focus towards dining out, in various places fulfilling their current physiological needs. Since physiological needs form the basic and most necessary aspect of human desire they need to be catered to adequately with concentrations on the minutest details.


During the Ancient Rome period small restaurant the bars provided visitors with food and drinks, in the absence of a kitchen facility. The service range however, was limited. These periods were characterized by a need to visit restaurants for socialization, as is the case in the world we know today. Official restaurants first came into existence in the 11th Century, during the first half of the Song Dynasty in China. Kaifeng in China incorporated tea bars and restaurants the individual wanted to cater to habits of individuals like gambling and prostitution, making the experience even more satisfying. These small scale restaurants progressed to become industrialized units catering to more complex consumption demands of the consumers. Various revolutions in different parts around the globe, namely the French revolution led to the establishments of restaurant the consumers are ecstatic about worldwide. Nowadays, these restaurants can be categorized into fast food chains, a la carte dining, informal cafes, bars and even food parlors.


A majority of internet-based companies provide customers with complete online databases, divided according to territorial boundaries. One of such companies is Eat Out, which provides a complete guide that lists over 3000 restaurants worldwide, along with latest news on visitor views and changes in the restaurant policies. In addition to the website this renowned company also releases an annual magazine, a weekly newsletter, iPhone application and even a pocket guide. This company has also created pages on Facebook, along with an official account on twitter, updating details regarding restaurant the customers would be attracted towards. However, they are known as to maintain a policy of credibility and provide up to date rates, where restaurant names can be sorted into alphabetical and lowest charges orders. Zagat is another online based company which initially began as a hobby in 1979, and is not the leading provider of consumer survey based information regarding restaurant the individual would prefer to revisit. This company covers more than a hundred countries worldwide, along with a facility of customized search, where the customer can input any information like type of cuisine, location and price range etc.

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The ultimate guide doesn’t have to be a fixed part of an online website; it can be an article in any independent magazine, or even a documentary on popular TV Channels like Discovery Channel and National Geographic. It should be noted that new channels created specifically for restaurant advertisement purposes comprise of Food Network and BBC Food also. Restaurant the customers choose can also be influenced through the ultimate guides shown on these forms of mass media too.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/25/2012
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The Ultimate Restaurant Guide. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.