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Discover 8 Tips For Restaurant Catering


Successful restaurant catering is one of the most lucrative businesses that people can start at a very low budget. The simple idea is to start small, but plan the details very carefully. Individuals engage in this business will have a bigger chance of bringing in more customers and getting very good feedback by preparing everything well. It is also important to constantly be on the lookout for new innovations and adjustments that will keep you at the top of the competition.

Step 1

The cuisine. There are so many cuisines to choose from in a restaurant catering. People who have restaurant catering businesses should decide what type of food they wish to serve or will be known for. Some of the basic include American, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Asian-Western fusion, Ethnic fusion, Chinese, South American and Mediterranean. Everything will depend on the demand of customers and the person's own personal specialty and interest.

The courses. Determine how many courses will be served during the restaurant catering services. Some people simply stick to the three basic elements - appetizer, main course and dessert. Others will also add more details by adding soup, salad and entree salads.

Step 2

Variety. The restaurant catering food being served should have variety to suit the different tastes and preferences of guests. It is recommended to serve food that will satisfy the four tastes - salt, sweet, salty and sour. These can be done by selecting the right recipes or having the client order accordingly.

Types. There should also be different types of food available for the restaurant catering. Some people might be picky when it comes to the type of food so serve an array of these by preparing beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit and even crustaceans.

Step 3

The size. Caterers must be careful never to run out of food especially the most sought after ones. Some dishes will be consumed in bigger quantities so make sure that there is enough of these. Examples are mashed potatoes, soup, salad and pasta. If the food item is the only one in its specific meal course, make bigger servings.

Presentation. All the food items should be properly prepared and set because these will reflect the restaurant catering business. It's best to set the food properly complete with garnish and centrepieces for the table. There should be adequate utensils, plates, napkins and other accessories as well for guests to comfortably enjoy their food.

Step 4

On drinks. The restaurant catering services must check if the client also ordered to have drinks prepared. This must be considered in the setup by preparing cocktails, punch and mixed drinks. Caterers should also be ready with bottled drinks and beverages for children depending on the occasion.

The budget. The restaurant catering group must carefully consider their budget so that they can prepare a delectable and complete selection while still making a healthy profit. The caterer and client must agree on the total sum and define all the elements mentioned above. It's best to consider the type of occasion when planning the budget and total.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/15/2012
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Discover 8 Tips For Restaurant Catering. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.