Do You Know About Restaurant London Food
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Do You Know About Restaurant London Food

Published at 02/12/2012 00:12:25


Do You Know About Restaurant London Food

The city of London is considered as one of the greatest cities for food in the world. Of all the reasons London is famous, food is definitely one of them. The city consists of more than 100 different restaurants, some of which are outstanding. When it comes to good cuisine and rich food, London is a city that never fails.


The English have their own culture and traditions. For centuries, traditional English cuisine has been considered as one of most scrumptious in the world. The traditional Sunday roast, shepherd's pie, Yorkshire pudding and the fish and chips, which have been the part of English tradition for so long, are all major components of English cuisine. Even today, the recipes include the most rich and distinctive flavors. This makes the English cuisine so unique and popular. Though London cuisine has always comprised traditional delicacies, today London cuisine is a mixture of old English tradition and ethnic cuisine, which includes foods from all over the world but mainly Indian, South Asian, Italian and French cuisine. Any restaurant london has would either be serving the rich English traditional food or a specific international cuisine.


London is a mix of different ethnicities and races. A few centuries ago London consisted only of English people. London today is a cosmopolitan city where millions of immigrants from different countries reside. Because of this, the current culture of London is a combination of the old English culture and of mixed races. Therefore, restaurant london are also a mixture of all kinds of different continental foods and traditional English foods. London has the best of all.

The most dominant immigrants in London are South Asians, Chinese and Vietnamese. The cuisines of these countries are served in many restaurant london. Indian restaurant london are considered one of the best Indian restaurants in the world. Since Indians are becoming the largest minority in London, their cuisine has become an important part of the London cuisine altogether. But despite all the popularity of continental cuisine, London is mainly popular because of the rich English traditional food. It is amazing to see that restaurant london have managed to maintain the old classic traditional taste of English food. The Gun, which is considered by many critics as the best London restaurant, serves modern and traditional English and British food, which attracts food lovers from all parts of the world.

Tips and comments

If you are in London, then food will not be a worry. Because there is such a large variety of different kinds of foods, one can never go short of options. The best part is that all kinds of food available in any restaurant london is of the highest quality. The English are very particular when it comes to food. So when in London, make sure that you avail yourself of the best of all the cuisines, which can be easily found in this wonderful city.