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Due to recession not many businesses are considered as safe. Businessmen don’t want to invest their money in any venture due to recession hit economy. There are some business opportunities which are not affected much by recession and one of them is restaurant business. If you want to start a new business then open a restaurant new.

Step 1

By investing in a new restaurant, you will surely not repent because it’s a profit making business. People always like to hangout in restaurants with family and friends. If a restaurant caters to all the needs of the customer then it is bound to make brisk business everyday.

Step 2

To open a restaurant new, you need to first locate a hygienic place in a posh area. The place you select should attract good crowd from various section of the society. After you select a place for your new restaurant you need to invite bids from various construction firms for constructing your restaurant. You can either buy a place or take it on lease for starting your restaurant new. It is better to buy a place and then construct a restaurant. Once you shortlist a contractor, you can get the building plan for your new restaurant cleared through the local authorities and you should also get all the necessary permission for construction.

Step 3

You should select the best interior and exterior design for your restaurant new and it should be attractive so that people should appreciate it. You need to get some of the best chefs for your restaurant. The menu and the price will depend on your target customers. If your restaurant targets only rich and famous than everything from its interior to the menu and the service should be world class.

Step 4

You need to buy furniture’s like tables and chairs. Also you need to have private lunch and dining area. In your restaurant new, you should have all kinds of delicacies which will help in attracting crowd. Do not compromise on quality because of price. People like to pay more for good food so never reduce cost and quality of food in your restaurant. To open a restaurant new, you need to hire full-time staff members which should include cooks, waiters and managers.

Step 5

Hiring is an important part of restaurant business because a good restaurant is one where food and service is of top quality and for that you need to have the best staff in restaurant business. To open a restaurant new, only hire staff with experience in cooking and restaurant management.

Step 6

You need to have Food and Beverage Manager who will look into day-to-day procurement of food items which are necessary for your restaurant new. Food and Beverage Manager should be very experienced because it is important to understand the needs of the restaurant pantry and also of the chefs.


Starting a new restaurant is a very good business idea. If your target customers are rich and famous then setup a new restaurant in a quiet and isolated place with scenic beauty. If your target consumers are ordinary people then setup a new restaurant in a crowded locality. Always play good music in your restaurant to attract young college going crowd.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 03/01/2012
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