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How To Find An Authentic London Restaurant


When one travels from London to a new country, there is often the thrill and excitement of being in a new place. However, after some time, the excitement fades away and homesickness sets in. On then gets the desire and urge to be at home and most of all enjoy London food. Although one does not have to feel this way the availability of an authentic London restaurant dotting many cities in the country. All one needs to know is how to locate them.

Step 1

Any London restaurant is mostly famous for the delicious chicken tikka masala can easily be found but only if one knows where to search for them. The internet is a great place to begin with. Just by typing the words Londonrestaurants, one is able to get countless hits. By checking the variety of London restaurants that are available, one can then determine the one that is located nearest to his or her locality.

Step 2

On the same site, one can also guarantee the authenticity of the London restaurant that is posted by looking at the reviews left by the customers.If majority of them approve of the restaurants, then that serves as a green flag. However, if there are a number of complaints on how the food was made and the lack of authenticity then one should spare him or herself the trouble and keep looking for a London restaurant.

Step 3

Even though an original London restaurant that serves original London cuisines is hard to come by does not mean that one should spend a fortune on it. When checking the different locations for a London restaurant available, one should also ensure that he or she compares the prices. This is guaranteed to save on costs.

Step 4

The trick is not to go too low neither too high. By going for a London restaurant that offers food at prices that are at rock bottom, one stands the chance of being disappointed of the quality of the food and service. In the case that one wants to get quality, he or she should be able to pay a good sum of money for it.

Step 5

However, if one is willing to pay for quality, going for one of the renowned and famous London restaurant is advised. Such are guaranteed quality food that is cooked just like back at home. The ambience together with the surroundings is also certain to give one the feel of home. One will also notice that to maximize on the point of authenticity, the design and decorations in the restaurants are usually made to resemble those of London so as to give the customers a complete feeling of being at home.


Although, one could always inquire from friends and colleagues to get directed to an authentic London restaurant, this is easier. Furthermore, the information from such sources is bound to be more reliable than that from the net where the main aim is advertising. So whether one is feeling homesick or one just wants to try out the London cuisine, finding London restaurants to cater for these cravings is not so hard after all.

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By Elly Andy, published at 03/08/2012
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