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How To Open An Italian Restaurant


The Italian restaurant idea is one of the most popularized among ambitious new entrepreneurs. Italian cuisine has become a growing trend in the U.S dining experience, and more Italian restaurants are opening up everyday. Opening any restaurant, though, can prove to be a difficult challenge. It can take anywhere from a couple of months to a year or more to fully get the restaurant in working order. Before marking things off your checklist, carefully consider if you have the time needed to run a fully operating restaurant.

Step 1

Deciding on the location for your Italian restaurant is key one. Your location is going to be the main component in whether or not your restaurant makes or breaks you. Do not run and sign a lease on a building before doing your research; check the demographics of the location and if there have been restaurants in the location before. Things to ask yourself are the following: Is it in a busy area that could have a substantial chance of being seen? Will there be enough parking for your guests?

Step 2

Naming your restaurant is the most fun in the whole process; however, it can prove to be daunting task in deciding on the perfect name. Try selecting a restaurant name that means something to the Italians, such as “Alla Salute” which means, Cheers! Italian restaurants have cornered in on making their patrons feel at home and comfortable; look for ways to do the same.

Step 3

The next biggest step would be to writing out a menu. What kind of food would you serve at your Italian restaurant? You will need to offer speciality dishes that other Italian restaurants may not serve in your area, or try spinning an italian recipe into your own. Italians take pride in the food, and you should do the same when trying to recreate old Italian meals. In Italty, the food IS the experience and you want to make sure that your customers have the experience of their life.

Step 4

Offer a complimentary gift card for the person who “shares” your page to other friends the most, or release speciality dishes you may be offering around the corner. Promotions grab peoples attention, and the majority of people will strive to win the promotion. During the first year, your main goal is to get people into your restaurant. By offering giveaways like a free dessert on your birthday, you give patrons a reason to give your restaurant a try and hopefully give their loyalty to your establishment.

Step 5

The final and biggest step of them all would be the marketing aspect. You want people to know about your Italian restaurant, right? How would you go about doing that? Online marketing is icing on the cake, when you want your name to get out there. With all the social networking sites that are at hands to employers, you could create a page for your restaurant and advertise that way.


Following these few steps and doing your research can allow your Italian restaurant to be the next big thing! Just remember, the food is the experience and your service is what keeps them coming back to your restaurant and not to the other neighborhood restaurant.

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