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What To Order At a Chinese Restaurant


Chinese cuisines are one of those delicacies that each of us will be willing to take at any time of the day. This might be for varied reasons including the irresistible taste and healthy variety that is always available for one to choose. This is why we can never run out of ideas while making our order at any Chinese owned restaurant.

The problem sets in when your confusion makes the best out of you. This happens when you are not quite sure which meal to pick from your menu. A Chinese restaurant offers meat, poultry, rice, vegetable, seafood dishes and pork that one has to choose from.


Ever wondered why any Chinese restaurant has large number of customers who are continuously streaming in for delicacies? The reason is simple; the irresistible authentic Chinese dishes have a history that dates way back to the beginning of civilization. These delicacies had an aesthetic value that was specifically left for emperors, sages and poets.

This great legacy has been kept alive by any Chinese restaurant. In a few exceptions, you will find a Chinese restaurant that purports to deliver authentic Chinese food but replaces some ingredients. This is due to the cross cultural effect that has been passed down for over a century.


The food to order at a Chinese restaurant for take away or consumption in the restaurant can be a daunting task at times. This can be easily solved by asking the fresh food that they have on offer and the meal preferred by many in that day. This should be able to solve your problem in case you are not sure of the specific food that you want to take.

The best Chinese food that you can ever ask for at any Chinese restaurant is always between Yin and Yang dish types. Some of the legendary dishes that you can request for include vegetable egg rolls, lemon chicken, fried rice, teriyaki steak and crab Rangoon. These are typically available at any Chinese restaurant.

In whatever you order you should begin with appetizers. These will prepare the mood for the dish that you have ordered. Other than the appetizers that are used before the meal, you should also order tea with or after the meal. More specifically, you can insist on green tea as an accompaniment.

Tips and comments

When ordering at any Chinese restaurant, it is important that you know the specific dish you are requesting. There are times when the name on the menu is not exactly what you think they are. The menu might have something like chicken while the dish in question only has some little chicken soup.

The food that you eat is not all you need to pat detail to at a Chinese restaurant. One ought to be well aware of the balance, how to order and the number of people to be served. For instance, it is always an honor for the host to choose the cuisine for their guests. There should also be a balance between Yin and Yang foods.

By Kennedy Jacob, published at 03/15/2012
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