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Tips For Managing a Restaurant & Bar


Many people feel that managing a restaurant & bar can be easy. They only hear the good part of having the business. Some of the positives heard include owners get to meet great people, get out the house in the evenings, and make money from their business. It is not always so easy. The business does take dedication and knowledge. One type for managing this business involves training. It does not need to be formal, such as an university degree. However, you should take general managment classes at a community college. Better preparation will ensure that you remain in business and assists in your profits. 

Enhance your people skills before managing a restaurant & bar. This may be harder than you imagine. On a daily basis, you greet the different customers who enter the establishment. You get to listen to customer announcements, such as marriages. Moreover, good people skills helps you resolve any employee-related issues. A food establishment can have employees who come in late or do not come to work. It can have employees who do not respond to criticisms. As a manager, people skills will allow you to remain calm, maintain respect when communicating, and resolve the issues at hand.  


Know about food contamination for restaurant & bar management. A restaurant is a busy place where food is carried from and into kitchens. Any food can experience contamination. It is your responsiblity to monitor food and help with having happy customers. The last thing you want is unhappy customers who tell other people about contamination food. Moreover, you need to keep government and health officials happy, too. A primary key for contamination control involves making sure that the food establishment stays clean. It is possible for a clean establishment to have an instance of contamination, cleanliness does minimize the risks. 

According to the Food Service Warehouse, make that you select restaurant & bar equipment and supplies with care. Not every place sells the same range of products and provide the same level of quality. Remember, these equipment and supplies must lasts for months even years. As a manager or owner, do not make rush decisions that can effect your bottom line. For example, if you purchase the wrong commercial stove from an unknown source, you face not having a stove during a busy night. If you are completely unfamiliar with restaurant or bar product selection, have an expert help with the process. 


Use the web for restaurant & bar marketing. Owners who want to manage successfully must know how to market. As as powerful marketing option, the web can help your business obtain customers. Think of simple low-costs ways to reach customers via the web, such as forums. A forum allows you spread information about your restaurant business and give general advice. Do not worry about the time committment. You can discuss the restaurant every week. Moreover, the web allows you to have a site centered on your restaurant. Pay attention to what the site should have. The site must discuss operation hours, give a menu and contact information. 

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By Cherrine Banks, published at 03/15/2012
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