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the Best Restaurant New York Has To Offer


The bustling city of New York has a lot of records under its belt, and some of them include being home to several of the finest restaurants in the United States of America. New York restaurants offer the locals as well as the traveller some of the best food and drinks as well as an ambience that reminds you that you are in the heart of the world. Some of the restaurants are quite exciting, while some are cool and relaxed but all of them have the same thing in common: they offer their patriots a fine plate of food.


One of the New York restaurants that top this list is the Per Se in Columbus Circle. The sensation structure is worth a lot of millions, and the food and experience that one gets on visiting this restaurant is priceless and the food is worth every single penny that you pay for it. Its deserts are mouth-watering, and its and its cuisines are finger-licking making it not only one of the best New York restaurants, but one of the best restaurants in the whole country.
The Le Bernardin restaurant is a high class New York restaurant that offers the most refined gentlemanly service in the whole state. The service is impeccably French, and the food is one of the tastiest that you will ever find in this city.


Restaurant Daniel near Madison Avenue has some of the best French cuisine and the architecture itself creates a beautiful ambience and the furnishings are quite elegant. It has one of the most sophisticated bar areas, and this is usually a welcome addition for people who love some drinks after dinner.
Opia is another New York restaurant that is located in the bowels of 57th street, and it is a real treasure for this part of the town. It is quite large and the inside is awe-inspiring with some of the most beautiful architectural designs and interior decorations in the whole city. Its food is just as good, and no visitor to this restaurant will be disappointed by its service or its cuisine, and you will definitely leave this restaurant satisfied while planning your next visit.

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Peter Lugar New York restaurant is a paradise for steak lovers and it is the carnivore station of New York. The steak is prepared properly for your satisfaction, and the service is excellent. You will be able to enjoy your stake with any of the other dishes on offer, or you could try some of their other masterpieces such as bacon appetizers and their award-winning dessert delights.
New York restaurants have helped to maintain the reputation of this city as one that offers the best of everything. They are elegant and one can stick out their neck and say that they are neck to neck with their Paris counterparts which are considered the best in the world. Their food, their settings and their service are impeccable, and they provide a relaxed environment in a vibrant city, thus giving patriots a safe haven when they want to relax without having to travel out of New York to do it.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/31/2012
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the Best Restaurant New York Has To Offer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.