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10 Best Alternative Fuel Sources

Published at 07/10/2011 00:31:53

 Modern science has its advantages, and its setbacks. Nowadays we can travel from one country to another in a matter of hours, and from our homes to anywhere in our city in a matter of minutes. Modern transportation methods, like cars and buses, have made travelling easier and quicker. However, modern transportation has its setbacks also. Completely dependant on fuels such as petroleum, gasoline, diesel etcetera, our vehicles have been producing dangerous emissions for years, resulting in smog and pollution. The depletion of the environment is an imminent problem, one that needs to be addressed right away. Thankfully, scientists are realizing the need for alternative fuels and are looking towards developing alternative energy fuels

Alternative fuels are those fuels which use materials different from conventional fuels such as fossil fuels, to transport energy. They are similar to conventional fuels in that they are a chemically stable form of expendable energy; however, they are more often than not cleaner and cheaper, along with being renewable. Many sources of alternative energy in the form of fuels have been developed such as ethanol, hydrogen, vegetable oil, biodiesel etcetera. Some are more mainstream than others because they are cheaper, and more efficient and easily obtained. Within this article, I’ll outline the ten best alternative fuels currently available.

One of the best alternative fuels is compressed natural gas, or CNG as it is commonly known.CNG engines in cars are becoming increasingly commonplace as CNG produces cleaner emissions than those produced by gasoline or diesel. It is cheaper, and more efficient, as well as readily available in every city. Another alternative fuel which is widely used is electricity. Electric cars lower greenhouse gases more so than other hybrid cars, and in countries with abundant power supply, are cheap to run. Air cars use compressed air as a fuel, which is cheap and environmentally friendly as no greenhouse gasses are emitted. Biodiesel is being used in some cars. It is produced through recycling animal and vegetable fats and hence is cheap. It makes an engine more efficient, as well as being environmentally friendly. Hydrogen is a great alternative fuel too. It is basically free energy as it can be obtained from rain water, and is very efficient as well as being safe for the environment. Ethanol is a good alternative as it increases the efficiency of engines by producing high octane levels, and another viable alternative fuel is methanol which is easier to produce than ethanol and has the same effects. Water cars are running too, in places like the Philippines, which produce non-pollutant waste and are easy to run. Solar powered cars are becoming popular too, as they are free in the long run but with a high upfront cost. Solar cars are proven to be very efficient, and reliable.

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In my opinion, these alternative fuels are amazing solutions to the problem of diminishing oil reserves and a depleting environment.Contributing towards their research and adapting them into our lifestyles should be a priority for us all as saving mother Earth is intrinsic to our continued health and happiness.