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Importance Of Fuels Alternative Cars In The Market

Published at 01/14/2012 10:32:53

Challenges for traditional Fuels

Fuel alternative cars are the cars that run on the unconventional fuel which is different from traditionally used petrol or diesel. Currently, looking at the crisis situation in supplies of traditional fuel, it will not be difficult to say that in future the resources of petrol and diesel are going to be narrowed down even further. On moving ahead in this era, the traditionally run cars on traditional kind of fuel is being intended to be replaced by a fuels alternative so as to keep the mankind safe and moving on in right direction and at right pace. Fuels alternative cars have been the need of the hour so that the depleting resources can be saved to some extent for some more meaning uses in future.

Origin of Fuels alternatives

Historically, whole world is quite serious about producing the cars working on fuels alternative theme. The fuels alternative can be anything different from traditional fuel like petrol or diesel. Currently whole focus is placed to develop the fuels alternative vehicles in the category of personal cars or passenger vehicles. Now, success rate if fuels alternative in the passenger cars category will decide upon the development of commercial vehicles on the fuels alternative. The electric cars are considered to be excellent replacement to the traditional fuelled cars using fuels alternative.

Pros of Fuels alternatives

The fuels alternative not only saves the fuel but also has some more other benefits as-

  • Economic- fuels alternative cars will be surely proving economical due to comparison of costs per litre for traditional fuel will be way higher than fuels alternative 
  • Environmental- fuels alternative cars will be for sure more environmental friendly. Fuels alternative will also slow down the increasing of global warming threat and help us to give a better air ambience tomorrow to our new generation to breath.
  • Technological- Since, the technology which will be used in making fuels alternative cars, it will be for sure much more advanced than what is being deployed in our current running machines.

Tips and more about alternative benefits

There are various fuels alternative being tried and tested currently by the world. Few of them are as-

  • Biofuel-In this type of fuel of fuels alternative, internal combustion is derived from the biomass. These are developed and tested in two forms- Ethanol, bio diesel.
  • Electric battery-Mostly used by the electronic scoters available in market these days use this fuels alternative. In these type of fuelled vehicles, electric motor is used for propulsion of the vehicles.
  • Natural Gas- One of the most widely used application in India is Natural Gas of most commonly known as CNG. It is a very beautiful alternative to the gasoline. Vehicles run on this kind of fuels alternative require very low maintenance. Moreover, this fuels alternative has got very low emissions.
  • Hydrogen- This fuels alternative has got a very high rating on environmental friendliness but yet has a very high cost of production. Although being very highly energy efficient but yet maintenance cost is very high for the vehicles using this kind of fuels alternative.

The results provided by various continuous studies and experiments’ will make you think that what could be the best fuels alternative ideal for commercialization.