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List Of Alternative Vehicle Fuel

Origin of Common Alternative Fuel

Biodiesel is extracted from plant oil and may be based from animal fat or vegetable oil.

Ethanol is made from grain, less toxic and became more popular because it is considered a renewable resource while Methanol may be made from fossil particularly biomass and also known as wood alcohol. It is cheaper and reduces the carbon footprint. Since automobile makers are no longer make engines powered by Methanol it decreases favor from public.

Alcohol based Ethanol and Methanol are obtained from natural gas. Both can be blended with gasoline or petroleum to become more effective and to optimize engine performance. Another type of this alternative vehicle fuel is from crops like corn.

Natural Gas is a mixture of methane, other hydrocarbon gas, and a little amount of carbon dioxide.

Propane is also called Liquefied Petroleum gas or LPG comes from processing natural gas and crude oil refining. This mixture is composed of propane and butane.

Electricity may also be used in transportation for battery powered vehicles that can be charged by plugging into a usual electrical source

The Impact of Alternative Fuel on Vehicles

Biodiesel lowers down the emission of nitrous oxide and sulfur oxide, the main contributor of black soot. Significantly it reduces the exposure of air pollutants that causes lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. They also provide us with another means on how to power up our equipment which is just like biodiesel are products of cooperatives that allow us to control and utilize the usage of energy.

The first car that used Ethanol as fuel was the Ford Model T. It was designed to allow the usage of Gasoline or Ethanol, or a combination of both.

The use of Ethanol and Methanol concerned our farmers due to high demands for production of crops for vehicles and competing against our daily need for consumption. The cost of maintenance to get a good product shows an alarming need to be backed up as well.

Natural Gas is widely available to people and when is used in vehicles with specially designed engines burns cleaner and fewer harmful emissions. It creates a greener environment. As we all claim to return the favor to nature as we harvest the benefit from our resources. The maker of vehicles that uses alternative vehicle fuel promotes the advancement and reaches the level of success in car engine.

Liquefied Petroleum gas is now widely used by public and the tank is placed at the trunk of the car.

A vehicle using Electricity as an alternative source of energy emits only a few smoke but in the other hand is dependent on development of longer lasting and more efficient batteries.

Knowing your Options

The interest of the people also increases as their options for various types of alternative vehicle fuel may provide substantial result and energize the economy. The auto industry continues to find a way to resolve the issues between the high price of gasoline and the efficiency of environment friendly vehicle. By taking time to know what your vehicle needs and comparing it with the positive effects of using the right alternative vehicle fuel is a good choice. It maximizes the performance of your car and compensates your effort.

The future of Alternative Fuel

Nowadays, further research is much needed to make alternative vehicle fuel more practical and gives more desirable results. This characteristic is common to people who loves innovation. In different countries, the government has implemented different strategies to promote the production and consumption of alternative vehicle fuel. As it continues to progress it may help any nation to become less dependent to Petroleum and Diesel.

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