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Why Alternative Fuel Vehicles Are In Demand

Published at 01/17/2012 07:09:09


The alternative fuel vehicles try to find their place on the market, and it seems like we are witnessing a new electric revolution and the governments from different countries try to encourage the manufacturing companies by offering tax reductions, and also the clients that want to buy those cars, by offering financing options. Usually, the subvention offered by governments to individuals that want to buy those cars could cover up to 25 % of the costs, but in some countries, the discount is even more significant.


The offers are perfectly adapted with the long-term strategies of the manufacturing companies that try to impose those cars on the market. In some countries, those companies already launched some projects to build battery changing and recharging stations. In fact, this is one of the major problems with those cars: the owners lack the possibility to recharge the cars, and this is why they can be used only in the city, with a reduced autonomy. This way, the clients will be able to buy some alternative fuel vehicles with 10 000 dollars. However, the trap of this car is that you will also have to rent the accumulators for about 60 dollars a month, so it is only worth it to buy such a car if you plan to use it for more than 1000 kilometers per year.


The alternative fuel vehicles could be completely electric, or they could have alternative propulsion methods. As said before, renting the accumulators will cost about 60 dollars a month, but the car owners also have the option of buying the accumulator for about 6000 dollars.


Those vehicles are great for the companies that only need to use the cars in the city, because of the low costs of maintaining and the low cost of combustibles for those cars. The alternative fuel vehicles are not that great when it comes to performances, and you could rarely find a model that can reach more than 100 miles/h. the cars are only cost worthy if they are used for more than 12 000 kilometers every year. As the majority of models were only launched a few years ago, it is still hard to say if those cars are resistant on the long term. As for the infrastructure, if the major producing companies will be able to build charging stations, and to reduce the costs of the accumulators, the number of cars sold will increase significantly.

Tips and comments

Other advantages offered by the alternative fuel vehicles are the reduced loading time. The accumulators can be replaced in less than 3 minutes in the designed stations, but they could also be charged in approximate one hour. There are also the systems that allow the accumulators to be charged from the common outlet, but in this case, the charging time could last more than 8 hours.


Considering the fact that the industry is still at its beginning, we could say that it will take some time before those vehicles would be adopted by the common citizen. However, considering the large number of advantages of those cars, we could say that we are talking about the cars of the future.