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List Of Alternative Fuel For Automobiles


Automobiles are not only vehicles but also involve household items such as generators, etc which work on fuels and not on electricity. In today’s world, there is a shortage of fuels, so governments of many countries are trying to find alternative fuels for automobiles. It is not only the shortage of fuel but also the increasingly high prices of oil that has made purchase of fuel difficult. Therefore, in this time of recession every country is trying find various lists for alternative fuels for automobiles.


Because of increasing pollution and global warming, the world’s oil reserves are depleting rapidly. There is a severe need of alternative fuels for automobiles so that when these rare oil reserves fade away the world has something left to make their vehicles and home appliances work. Another reason is the growing recession followed by the devaluation of money in many countries has caused prices of these necessary items to increase dramatically. These increased prices have made life very difficult for the common man who belongs to the lower middle class and the lower class. Unemployment, which is another effect of recession, leaves people without enough money to spend on expensive fuel and it is necessary to purchase it. Something should be done and an alternative should be discovered by the scientists to replace the expensive oil with some inexpensive fuel.


Many scientists worked on the problem and found a few alternative fuels for automobiles. Among the many alternatives is the compressed natural gas, better known as CNG, which is sold at a lower price as compared to oil and petrol. There is also Hydrogen which is widely used by people. It helps in preventing combustion and it is also sold at a way cheaper price. There are also liquid Nitrogen cars which are introduced as a means of storing energy. In such cars liquefied Nitrogen is used which is compressed and then transferred to the car as a fuel for the car to work. Low pressure gas, also known as LPG, is also an alternative which is used in automobiles as a means of fuel to make the automobile work and the cost of purchasing this fuel is very low. The fuel is very cheap and can be easily purchased. Other alternatives include steam which generates energy by means of moving objects; the movement of steam causes the objects in an automobile to move creating heat energy, later converted into kinetic energy which produces electrical energy thus enabling the automobile to work. Wood gas is a fuel that is produced by the wood of trees and this method is used to produce fuel for cars and that is basically how cars are powered.

Tips and comments

While designing automobiles, energy scientists should be very careful. They should design an automobile according to the alternative fuels for automobiles by keeping safety issues in mind, for instance, it should not emit toxic fumes that are hazardous to health. Scientists must also understand their social role here. Apart from that, these cheap energy reserves should be used.

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