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Why Use Alternative Fuel Energy

Published at 07/09/2011 23:55:09

 We live in a fast developing world. Everyday new technologies and breakthroughs in science show us exactly how brilliant the human brain is. However, with each step forward come disadvantages, and the degradation of the environment is one of our biggest concerns today. Brought about by the over consumption of fuels which pollute our world, people are now looking towards greenerand more long lasting sources of energy. Alternative fuel energy looks to be the best solution to the problem of environment depletion, and the sharp decrease in the world’s current non renewable fuel supply.

 Before moving on to the many advantages of alternative fuel energy, let us understand what we mean by the term itself. Alternative fuel energy is unconventional means of producing energy. These are removed from the usual sources of power such as fossil fuels, and nuclear power. Alternative fuels act in the same manner as conventional fuels, but are more abundant and, in most cases, much more environmentally friendly. What fuels basically do, is store energy in a chemically stable form so it can be made use of when need be, while still being safe for transport. Alternative fuels, are hence chemically stable and suitable for use in vehicles, machines etc. Common examples of such fuels are biodiesel, bioalcohol, electricity stored in fuel cells and batteries, non-fossil methane and natural gas, and vegetable oil. Solar power, and wind power may also be included in this list.

 The world is becoming increasingly aware of the problem of diminishing fuel reserves and many alternative fuels are already widely used, and can potentially completely replace fossil fuels in the near future. Fuels such as ethanol which is an alcohol based fuel, procured through the fermentation of crops such as wheat and barley is used in many hybrid vehicles, and increases octane levels, hence improving emission quality. Another feasible alternative fuel is natural gas, which can be used in vehicles, or even in homes to cook food, and for heating purposes. Natural gas emissions are far less harmful than those produced by gasoline and diesel, and it is cheaper and more viable in the long run as well. Many people are also looking to hydrogen gas, as a replacement of crude oil, as it is abundant and fairly easy to procure and can be mixed with natural gas to run engines or machines which run on a special internal combustion principle. Within villages especially, biodiesel and bio fuels are becoming more and more common everyday because they are easy to produce, and do not degrade the environment. Made from vegetable or animal fats, these fuels can be used to power machines and vehicles and decrease your air pollution along with being much cheaper than fossil fuels.

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 The choice, then, is simple. In a world that is fast running out of resources, man needs to be innovative. Man needs to realize his duty to the environment, and he needs to realize his ever present need for fuel. When biofuels, and other such alternative fuels are cheaply and readily available, when it is easy to convert our cars to run on natural gas, and to have compost heaps in our backyards, then we owe it to each other, and we owe it to ourselves to do it. Be a cleaner citizen of the world, be a greener citizen, and use alternative fuel energies, for a safer future.