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Advatages Of Alternative Car Fue

Published at 07/12/2011 22:03:28

 In the age of today, we understand our world better. Advancements in science have shown us the importance of the environment and our dependency on it. We have also come to realize the damage we are doing to our environment by our continued use of fossil fuels. Pollution and environment degradation are significant problems, and the effects of them are far reaching. We are running out of resources and if we value the continued existence of a healthy and safe environment, solutions to pollution are immediately required. As one of the biggest contributors to environment dilapidation is the use of conventional fuels such as fossil fuels, modern science is now looking towards developing alternative fuel energy, especially to be used in vehicles.

 Alternative fuels are those fuels which are different from conventional fuels in their composition but serve the same purpose, of transporting energy in a chemically stable form.However, these alternative fuels have cleaner emissions and are mostly renewable or present in abundance on the earth. Many cars now come equipped with engines that run on alternative fuels and are known as hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly commonplace with car manufacturers realizing the need for more environmentally friendly transportation and devising engines with innovative alternative fuel technology. Today, cars which use ethanol, hydrogen, electricity, vegetable oil, compressed natural gas, and other safe fuels are readily available on the market, with more and more people understanding their duty to the environment and switching over to hybrid cars.

 Hybrid cars, or cars which work on alternative fuels, are of much use, and benefit the consumer in many ways. Firstly, vehicles that burn alternative fuels are ‘cleaner’ and hence the emissions from such cars are less dangerous for the environment. The exhaust emissions have less impact, and the environment is saved from too much depletion. Less smog is produced in cities and the risk of respiratory diseases goes down. The cleaner emissions of hybrid cars ensure cleaner breathing air, also. Alternative car fuels also make your engine more efficient, as in the case of ethanol powered engines. Because ethanol produces higher octane than conventional fuels, the car which uses it as a fuel gives better mileage and value for money. Alternative fuels are also less costly in the long run. Converting your engine to work on compressed natural gas does not have a very high upfront cost, nor is it as expensive to purchase as conventional fuels like petroleum or diesel. Another advantage of alternative car fuels is that it decreases our current dependency on fossil fuels, which are fast running out. These alternative car fuels are renewable and hence lower the risk of our activities coming to standstill one day, when our current fuel resources finish.

Tips and comments:

 In my opinion, each person owes a duty to the environment. Each of us needs to help protect it in whatever way we can, and one of the biggest factors in environment depletion is the use of vehicles which produce dangerous emissions. Changing our cars to work on alternative car fuels is advantageous for both us and the environment. It is easy on the pocket and easy on the earth, and I feel that everyone should look towards converting their engines to start working on alternative car fuels.