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Disadvatages Of Alternative Fuel

Published at 07/11/2011 19:35:47

 Several individuals are searching for some alternatives fuel these days. These alternatives are acknowledged to be helpful in the environment. But such acknowledgements are not based on factual understandings and findings. They could even be the opposite of such affirmation.

 Power consumption is gradually increasing per day, and there are several rumors that the sources of foreign oil could be depleted in the near future. This is the main reason many are trying to discover alternatives fuel. However, these rumors are virtually biased and there is basically no scientific truth of such.

Fueled cars are still the best in this era. The fact is nothing can simulate the true essence and power of a gas. Nothing could beat the power of gas and coal especially in terms of storage. A sun powered car could store and charge power. However, they cannot perform in several weather conditions. Snows and rains could minimize or limit the capabilities of a sun-powered vehicle. Only locations that could receive abundant amount of sunlight could benefit from such. There are no constant supplies with these methods.

These substitutes are not recommendable to the masses. The availability of such products is very limited. Sources of the products are very inadequate. The vehicles required for them are also less competent compared to the fueled cars. They do not run faster and they surely would cause inconvenience in terms of travelling distant locations.

Ethanol could be a substitute for petroleum. They could even burn faster than petroleum and supplies of such are enormous. However, the price rates of ethanol would cost three times more than of any regular petroleum and gasoline. They are not environmentally friendly as they are said to be. These alternatives could cause soil depletion due to the farming process which involves pesticides and other chemical conditioners. Some of the ethanol suppliers would assert that they are eco-friendly. However, they are not and such assertion is just hype to improve their productivity.

 Biodiesels are similar to ethanol. They would also require a vast number of agricultural productions. They are more expensive than your regular gasoline, too. The possibility of such option is very promising, but the product of which could hinder such possibilities.

Fossil fuel is another type of non-conventional fuel. They are compressed natural gases. The supplies of such are also limited and that is why it is not highly recommended to be utilized.

There are several vehicles driven by electricity that are available in the market. They are widely used in the different areas of the world. However, these could be harmful to the water supplies. Improper disposition of batteries could virtually harm the environment specifically the water supplies. These electric autos also have limited range in terms of power. They could not work longer and faster compared to the fueled vehicles.

Implementation of these alternatives would cause so much time, effort, and money. Road and rail networks have been working for a long time for this, and replacing such with the newer alternatives would demand millions of dollars. The availability in terms of retail would certainly cause inconvenience and hassle to the consumers. There is still no better alternatives fuel than the conventional fuel itself.

Tips and comments:

 There are different concerns regarding the use of alternative fuels. Aside from the very high cost that it entails, its efficiency and reliability also needs to be proven more. Some of it also are even known to be causing more harm to the environment than the conventional ones.