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Presently, the technology is fast changing; large sector of the economy develops the most advanced audio video car devices available in the market. This technology industry producing several audio video car devices has the highest possibility of future development.


GPS System:

GPS device installed on cars will serve to give speedy information about the location transmitted by the satellite, crystal oscillator and receiver-processor. This audio video car device notifies the car driver about the current happenings on the road. And it can be used for business travel, field trips and family car. You can check on the largest wholesale selection found on the internet. To name some of latest audio video car GPS system, such as the Garmin nuvi 880 with the following attributes: display size- 4.3 inches, display resolution-480x270, battery life-5 hours, product dimension- 0.7 x 4.9 x 3.1 inches; 6.2 ounces, many destination routing, ultra slim design, speech recognition feature, MP3 player and Photo viewer. Another audio video car device is the CyberNav - Tablet with the following specification: screen resolution- 800 x 480, Screen Size: 7", GPS chip: SiRF Star IV, O/S: Android 2.2, RAM: 256MB DDR2, Touch screen type: Resistive, Multiple Audio Format and Video format, Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, External memory: Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included) and many others to choose from.

LCD motorized flip up / flip down DVD player:

Liquid crystal display is video display that much technology has been using like television, gaming devices, computer monitors, instrument panels and many others. With the advancement of audio video car device, LCD motorized flip up device was introduced to the market. The sharpness of its pixel density makes it hard to distinguish from reality. There are numerous manufacturers to choose from online with different amazing LCD motorized product features that will fit you needs like on screen display menu, 9-inch wide screen rear-view mirror monitor, high resolution , two video inputs, dvd, mp3, built-in reverse gear sensor wire, touch button, rear-view with Bluetooth, Invert picture up/down, right/left, full function remote control, With SD/MMC card reader, built-in FM transmitter, NTSC/PAL system, With USB jack and Power supply: 12V DC.

Additional Features

Internet enabled mobile receiver:

This audio video car development like internet enabled mobile receiver that can be installed or can be found as built in car device with Wi-Fi signal receiver enables car drivers to access and surf the internet in car display. It has built in security cameras which require internet connectivity to function fully. One good example of internet enabled mobile receiver audio video car device is the MyFord Touch that was developed by Ford. It can produce a secure wireless connection by simply inserting a compatible USB mobile broadband device into the sync’s usb port. Then the sync will see new requesting device and accept request to allow internet connection in the network.


Above mentioned are the latest audio video car devices for sale in the market. Car enthusiast invest on many audio video car device for easy access, navigation, entertainment, security and safety reasons.

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