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Driving and music has quite a relationship. There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy hearing music while driving. Installing car audio video system is not something too difficult. Before buying a car audio video system, consider who will be using the car mostly and make the buy accordingly. Taste of a teenager will be different from that of a fifty year old. Also check whether you want to install radio system along with the car stereo. Last but not the least, check the sound quality and the car audio video system offers you.

Step 1

The first step is to purchase a new car audio video system. For this, check the current system installed in your car and find if your car is equipped with one of the premium stereo systems on the market. If you already have a high quality car audio video system installed, it is better to leave it alone. However, if you find the system installed on your car is of low quality, then approach a professional to get it replaced.

Step 2

Buying a car audio video system should be done with proper planning. Before walking into a store or approaching a professional, know what exactly you need for the music system. Make a list of features and additions which you wish to have in the music system. For example, how many speakers and subwoofers you need, what kind of convenience feature like Bluetooth and USB ports you need and more.

Step 3

Decide on the budget. Once you know the features you expect to see on your car stereo system, it is time that you decide on your budget. Having an idea about how much you can spend on a product will help immensely. Based on the budget, you can make additions and deletions to your wish list. Once this is done, go on and make the purchase.

Step 4

Now that you have a car audio video system in hand, it is time to install it in your car. If you are an expert in the matter of electronics and related tools, installing the stereo system is a do it yourself thing. There are only few steps involved and installing can be done without much trouble. However, if you are not that friendly with electronics and circuits, it is better to leave it to the experts to do the fitting.

Step 5

After installing the car stereo system, check for any possible mistakes and make sure everything is in place according to what you wanted. Sit in your car and hear a song or two to get some experience. If you feel like anything is not right, inform the experts to have it corrected right away. You can also install some anti-theft mechanisms with the car audio video system to make sure security.


If you have a taste for electronic equipments and its working, you must be able to do the installation by yourself without much difficulty.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/21/2012
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How To Configure Audio Car Video. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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