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Great Advice For Audio in Car


Once you buy a car, having a good audio system in car becomes very important. Most of the car owners are not aware of any good audio systems and have absolutely no information about what’s best and what’s worst in the car audio system market, thus ending up either with a poor audio system in their cars which is in fact troubling for the listeners or wasting a lot of money and still not having the desired result. Today there are many types of audio in cars availble which can be easily installed.

Step 1

Although factory fitted in-car entertainment systems have become more advanced, there's just as much scope for adding and improving as there was ten years ago. The first thing that's needed is a way of integrating or interfacing new in-car sound system components into the factory wiring. If we go back ten years or more things were a little simpler, but with the added electronic sophistication of today's vehicles - plus steering-wheel mounted volume control, radio search and so on - integrating new items generally requires an extra concern.

Step 2

Most cars have a factory fitted audio in car like radio-cassette or a Cd-radio but obviously every person has a different choice and taste and most of the factory fittings don’t have the latest features, desired performance and the looks the user’s yearn for. First of all we need to add an amplifier, it provides a volume level that will make the music sound realistic - with good bass, delicate midst and highs and no distortion - is largely down to the quality of the power amplifier. Car makers tend not to worry about it too much. To them an amplifier is an amplifier and they assume most buyers won't know the difference anyway. Some of the best amplifiers include the Kenwood KAC-8105D, the Alpine PDX-f4, Lanzar VCT2610, Pioneer GM D9500F and many more.

Step 3

Improving sound quality includes adding MP3, CD changer, DAB digital radio, DVD or Sat Nav. You can add these or interface these to the factory fitted in-car system. Auxiliary Input Interfaces', 'CD Changer Interfaces' and 'Docking Stations' make it all possible and give much better results than when using "cheap and easy" options such as FM modulators, which reduce everything to analogue radio quality.

Step 4

Lastly but the most important of all is to change the factory car speakers if possible. Good speakers can make a big difference but then we each hear sounds slightly differently, and different types of music will sound better on some speakers than others, so it's important to go along and listen in the shop.

Step 5

Take some of your favorite CDs and listen to a few speakers, then make a shortlist of two or three. Now audition each of them for 15 minutes, longer if you can. Don't make a snap decision because some car speakers can sound great at first but tiring after a while.


High end car audio systems are also available for those wanting the very best sound, whether for competition or purely for their own enjoyment, will naturally be looking to use the best quality products. It's clearly the ideal starting point, but good planning and installation can make a world of difference too.


When you make these simple upgrades you will be astonished at the improved sound quality. It is a wish of every person to have good audio in car. If you have a good audio in car then your car becomes irresistible.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/26/2012
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Great Advice For Audio in Car. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.