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How To Choose the Best Service Car


Today, it has become increasingly hard to find a decent service car where you can get your car repaired. Some of them are expensive and seem unprofessional, and others just do not inspire confidence. Besides the service car dealers, are there any other services specialized for your car? Here are ten conditions that would have to follow to find a correct service:

Step 1

One. A clean and tidy service car has a good chance to be one in which the work is done carefully. A look at the work area can give you important details about the professionalism of the service.

Two. A good service has no secrets. Its employees will present you all the services they can do for you and the problems you have with your car.

Three. Service must inspect the car in front of the client and to indicate if it has scratches or if it is hit.

Step 2

Four. Payment must be discussed from the start with the service car. If you and the service car agree on the amount, it must be paid. If there are additional costs during the execution of repair, the service car representative must call the customer and explain very clearly that it takes extra work, and the client must decide if the defect is repaired now or later.

Step 3

Five. A good service has a waiting room with cameras filming the service area. For full transparency of work, the service should have a waiting room where the client can see how the work is made.

Step 4

Six. After the repair, the service car must provide customer the worn parts that were replaced and to explain why they failed to repair them.

Seven. Appointments are extremely important. There should be no reason for which your car will not go into service at the scheduled hour. In addition, any delay of repairs must be announced in advance.

Step 5

Eight. At the end of the work, you should be contacted by a representative of the service car, to clearly explain your bill. Ideally, the car must be parked out in the court service during this time.

Nine. If the car needs much longer to repair, the service should be able to recommend you a company to rent a car (on request), where you should benefit of special rates.


10. If you are a customer of a service, you must be announced by telephone when the repair is over

Remember that you are the one who pays, so you have every right to be fully informed on what happens to your car during repairs. A good service car must have, respect for its customers besides anything else, and you should also be treated accordingly. It is important for the representatives of the service car company to be polite, and to explain all the details of the reparations with you. At the end, you should feel comfortable with the services you have benefited of, and you could also recommend the respective service to your friends and relatives that need repairing for their cars.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/20/2012
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