How To Buy Tyres Car
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How To Buy Tyres Car

Published at 02/07/2012 20:14:50


How To Buy Tyres Car

Tyres are the ring shaped rubber coverings which wrap the rims of the wheels on which a car moves. The function of a tyre is to absorb shock and friction when the steel bodied wheels touch the ground. Since a steady and smooth movement of a car depends entirely on tyres, calling them the most important safety feature of a car will by no means be an understatement.

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Almost everyone who knows about cars is probably aware of the importance of tyres car. It is a common fact that a car cannot move without tyres hence the fact needs no special introduction. Many people however are unaware of the importance of using "good" tyres for their cars. It is very essential for people to understand that worn out tyres which are weak or inflated can destroy a car's momentum hence increasing rates of accidents. Also if the tyres car possesses are of a bad quality the chances of them being easily worn out are very high. Keeping in mind that the quality of tyres car has determines its momentum it's very important for people to understand the importance of using only the good quality tyres for their wheels.

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In order to choose the right quality tyres for your car you must first understand what tyres are made of. Firstly tyres are a container of compressed air and are composed of natural or synthetic rubber. A tyre has 19 to 25 different components and is built inside out. The inner linier of the tyre is the most important feature of the tyre as it gives shape to the air allowing it to hold the air. Around the inner liner there fabric belts wrapped on top of which there are steel belts. These belts tyres stability and allow the tread pattern which are on top of belts to be as flat as it is possible. These treads are different for various types of tyres. There is a side wall on the side of a tyre which gives a tyre its characteristics. If the sidewall is tall the tyres will absorb bumps and if its short then the tyre would give a better cornering ability and a better steering response. If choosing tyres car make sure what kind of vehicle you are driving before making a decision. Also on the side wall of tyres there is an alphanumeric code describing dimension and the size of the tyre. The code may be LT or P. Many people make mistake in buying the wrong sized tyre for their car. Tyres car have should always have a P code as this code is for passenger cars and LT is for light trucks. Also before buying a tyre it should be noted that the tyres car have should always have strong inner lining with short and stiff sidewalls. The tyres also have a code for speed limits. Those who drive their cars in urban areas mostly should buy tyres with S code. Code T and H are good for highway drivers.


When buying tyres for your car, its best always to choose a good company such as Michelin, Bridgestone and yokohama. They may be expensive but their performance is safe and surely excellent. Remember its always better to be safe than to be sorry. Hence you must be very careful in choosing the right kind of tyre for your car.

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