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New Car Rental -The Best Offers


Acquiring a stylish set of wheels has been made simple by the number of new car rental companies cropping up everywhere these days. These companies make auto-rental easy and often they have excellent deals available. They have everything ‘luxury cars, minivans, convertibles and everything in between’ as one new car rental company boasts on its website. Not only do these companies have excellent cars available they also have decent deals that go easy on your pocket which make the whole package a lot more attractive.


The history of car rental is knitted closely with the invention of automobiles of course. The first new car rental service was in fact started at the same time with a Model T Ford by Joe Saunders. He would charge customers ten cents a mile for his services. Saunders soon got successful and his company became the first car rental company and had depots in 21 states across the US. Other people who had expanded into this niche market around the same time include Walter Jacobs who started off the same way as Saunders. However, Jacobs sold his company to John Hertz and his Yellow Cab Co. This company is still in business today and is the largest rental firm on the globe. Business for all such firms really picked up after World War Two when there was a lot of investment to develop the infrastructure that was wrecked. Businessmen who came from airplanes would hire cars to go around the new cities.


Today new car rental has developed into an even more lucrative business with thousands of new companies, which offer every sort of car for hire. There are deals to fit every pocket and customers can choose from a range of cars ranging from Ford Mustang GT Premium’s, Chevy Camaro’s, and Corvette’s to eco-friendly cars like Toyota Prius to the Altima and Camry hybrids. These cars are available at several airports across the country from LA to New York City. Some of the car rental offers even give a day free from a one week booking. Convertibles like the Eclipse Spyder can be rented on nominal rates $486 for a week with unlimited free miles included plus benefits like loss damage waivers, personal effects coverage, accident insurance etc. Without some of the above mentioned perks the car is available for $436. Similar pocket friendly deals are available for other luxury cars as well e.g. the Chevy Camaro can be yours with unlimited free miles and all the prior mentioned benefits for around $851 not at all bad for car of its stature.

Tips and comments

While searching for car hires its best to understand what kind of car you want and then look for deals. Prior research on new car rental websites etc. is also a good option. Sticking with big players like Hertz etc. is a good idea because they often have special offers going for rentals of a week or less. For longer periods local auto-dealers are an option. To get discount consult your travel agency or credit card programs. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your rental to know about any hidden charges.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/22/2012
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New Car Rental -The Best Offers. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.