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Spain is one the most exotic places in the world. With its rich culture and heritage, Spain has been a magnet for world tourists who have flocked Spain’s richly decorated markets and streets for many years. It is a huge country, very densely populated and with numerous streets that are always filled with people and vendors. Navigating through it is a goliath task for anyone. It is therefore advised that if you are planning to go to Spain, you must in any case try to get a car service that can cater to your needs. In Spain car services are numerous and easy to get as these are run with the sole purpose of letting tourists, businessmen and even the local population get a trouble free access to cars. Thus in Spain Car Services are of immense help and use for all.


Before you come to Spain or even while travelling in Spain you must know some history of the country that has such a rich and colorful heritage. Spain, that is now part of the European Union has seen many conquerors and much of the History of Europe. Spain has been the fore runner in colonization and also in funding the famous voyage of Christopher Columbus by Queen Isabella of Spain. It has been ruled by many empires from time to time. The Romans added many parts of the country into their expanding domain. The Muslims also ruled over Spain are still known as Moors. During their reign the streets and the fountains that were made for people can still be seen and are favorites among tourists coming here. When a person is traveling in Spain, cars and taxis that a person is bound to take will be a source of fascinating facts and stories that every driver will be telling you while pointing to the streets and other landmarks of the country. Famous cites of Spain include Barcelona, Madrid. There are numerous islands too in Spain that are easily accessible and great places to have a good time and enjoy the natural beauty.


In Spain car services to be used are rent-a-car or a taxi service. One of the premier taxi services in Spain is the Barcelona Spain Taxi service. This service allows you to call a taxi anywhere while you are in Barcelona. If you are stuck in a place or happen to be lost then calling a taxi service is the wisest thing to do. They have the contact numbers listed on their websites and these can also be taken from the nearest telephone booth. They can also provide you with specialized taxis that are designed for handicapped tourists and also rent a car service if you are in the mood to travel yourself.

Tips and comments

Taxi service can be of great help when you are in a foreign country. But remember to check the prices of your trip on transportation ministry if you are in a country like Spain where there are no laws regarding meters in the cars.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/27/2012
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