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About Styling Car Decals


Car customization is definitely in vogue. Modifying your car to your taste and style is now a common fad among car enthusiasts and even among those who have a car and like to maintain its look and style. People that are constantly watching shows like “Top Gear” or Pimp my ride” have adopted the hobby of making their cars look like race cars. There are many ways by which a person can make his/her or her car look more elegant and modify it according to needs and desires. One trend that has gained a lot of popularity, and adoption is to paste or get stickers on your car’s body called car decals for car styling. These decals come in variety of styles and colors and can also be customized according to the preference and wishes of the car owner. Placing decals is also a marketing tool that is used by marketers by placing company decals on racing cars during famous racing events, hence car decals are used for both car styling and advertising.


Decals are cloth, plastic or paper that can be used as a base for a pattern or image that can be transferred or moved at the owner’s discretion to another place or surface according to the designing intent. Decal is the short form used by people. It is actually the word decalcomania that is used to describe this innovative yet easy method of car styling. Decals are most prominently used by car racers. The F1 races that have fastest cars in the world have decals on all cars that are promoting car-related industries. These decals either promote the sponsors of the racer or are used by the racers themselves for self-promotion.


Decals have been in use by car enthusiasts for many years. They are made in many different patterns and designs. Most designs are the reflection of the aura and personality of the owner while they are also used to increase the aesthetics of the hot-rod automobile. Decals are not only used for car styling, but they are also used to recognize the car and the owner. For instance, police cars and fire engines need to have decal representation to let others know about them, and it is a requirement of the law. Decals are also used by many people that are in commercial business like the cab services that have decals with their logo and contact number. The most frequent users of decals are the pizza delivery cars that have the decal on them to let their customers know the name and contact while promoting themselves. Decals can also be used to create social awareness, and this can be done with decals dedicated to a social cause on community cars like buses and subways.

Tips and comments

Car styling in a way that looks best to you may be costly; however, by using car decals car styling can be made cost effective. Decals have a long life and remain on the car for ages increasing the aesthetic and hot-rod look that the owner desires. There are many shops that help you in designing your own decals and also are quite cheap and easy to access.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/27/2012
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