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Top Usa Car Models


The US has long been renowned for having some of the best cars in the world, hence it’s not hard to get top USA car if you are really searching for one. One of the reasons why the US has been famous for having best cars is that its home to some of the oldest manufacturers of the automobile such as Ford, Chysler among others. A good usa car must be timeless in its value to an extent that long after it has been overtaken by newer models it still retains that unique classic beauty that sets it apart from all others. Getting a complete list of top usa car models with timeless value is quite hard but here are some of the best makes famous the world over.

Top Usa Car Models

Chevrolet Corvette - From 1953 this usa car model has been making ripples in the automobile world. Though the car is not perfect and it has had its own rough times where it was wished away the reality is that among the great sporting cars the C 6 ZRI package beats others hands down. It has the character of the untamed and can be civilized when so desired but even its critics accept that its one of the great cars ever made in America.

Ford Mustang - Also commonly referred to as Pony car this usa car model has remained one of the high points for the Ford company. The pony car has continued to be at the top of the car charts from 1964 to the modern times and it does not seem like it’s about to go away.

Dodge Viper - The Dodge manufactured by one of the older usa car makers, Chrysler the car made ripple in the car market from 1992 to 2010. Though in its twilight years the dodge has always refused to go away gently as it keeps reminding all that it still has the ability to squelch in road shows which has earned it a lot of respect even from its critics.

Top Usa Car Models

Tri-5 Chevrolets - Though this usa car only topped the charts for about three years in the 1950s for the time it was top all the everyone wanted to own one. Due to its cool nature the Tri-Five has been one of the most collected cars and revered by all in America today.

Cadillac Eldorado convertible - The car has its own time between 1953 to 1976, during those years it was referred to as the "standard of the world’’ Its luxury was unparalleled and even when time came for the car to fade away it still retained its faded glory as a sign of the better days it had enjoyed it its heydays.

Saleen s7 - The car has been equated with President Obama because of the way it broke the barriers placed it its progress. This usa car is fitted with twin turbo v8 and saw off most of the European cars both on the roads and race tracks. One of the highlights of the car was its ability to require low maintenance unlike most of the top cars in America.

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Other usa car models include:

  • Mercury eight - 1948-1951
  • Pointiac firebird - 1967-2002
  • Plymouth prowler - 1997-2002
  • Ford Thunderbird  - 1955-2005
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