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Buying Used Cars in Classifed Ads


A classified ad is one where you can find items that are for sale. In addition to this a classified ad contains other information such as job vacancies, marriage proposals, educational opportunities etc. These classified ads are particularly useful when it comes to finding and purchasing used items. Used items are those that have been in someone’s possession for a particular length of time and the owner of the item now wishes to sell them. You can step into a shop and easily purchase a brand new item. However, when searching for second hand items the task becomes more complicated. Even when you purchase a used item you want the best quality and you need the assurance that the item being purchased is not damaged. Hundreds of people buy used cars in cities across the world.


Centuries ago, people used stones and leaves to pen down information. The trend of classified ads is said to have begun in the 17th century. This was the time when property ads began to appear in published books. However, it was a long time after the first newspaper was introduced that the concept of classified ads was incorporated by news agencies. The Boston News letter published the first classified ads. Today with the growth of media the average consumer finds himself/herself bombarded with millions of ads.


The used cars in classified ads range in quality. Firstly, they come in all price range. The used cars in classified ads are obviously going to be cheaper than the brand new cars. Because there are so many different prices available you will easily be able to find one that falls into your price range. These classified ads also come with photos. So you can get a sneak preview of the particular used car in question. The used car in these ads should be purchased on the basis of the additional information that has been provided. This includes such details as the number of miles the used car has driven, the make and model of the engine, information regarding the owner of the car etc. It is best to compare prices and the quality and then shortlist the ones you find most appealing. Almost every classified ad comes with information on how the seller is to be contacted. This would include the phone number, email address etc. It is best to give the owner a phone call. This would make the process of searching for a used car in classified ads speedy. Some newspapers and websites make searching a lot easier since they categorize used cars on the basis of the model, the brand etc

Tips and Comments

You should be cautious when buying used cars through these classified ads. Many of these ads can be a scam. Special caution should be exercised when using the Internet. This is because almost anyone can post a classified ad online free of cost. Also remain safe and never visit the owner alone. In addition to this use common sense to figure out whether the ad is genuine.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/22/2012
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Buying Used Cars in Classifed Ads. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.