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When visiting Spain, people might be interested in driving their own vehicle instead of taking public transportation. There are some advantages to hire car Spain such as convenience and being able to save time and effort going to and from various locations. People should follow a number of tips first to get the most affordable deals in the area without compromising the quality of the car. The price can significantly go down if clients know the right places and people to approach.


Car rental companies offer lower rates for individuals who hire car Spain several weeks or months in advance. This is similar to booking airline tickets or hotel reservations and can be done as the person also makes reservations for other things and activities. A lot of companies will have special promos and rates for early planners. Make it a habit to prepare the trip and hire car Spain in advance to take advantage of prices. People can also reserve the particular vehicle they wish by being the first one on the priority list. Early bookings can be done by calling the car rental office or through online reservations if they have a website. Penalties, however, will be charged if the person changes the date, type of vehicle or time so be sure that all arrangements are permanent. Most of the bookings are already non-refundable.


The Right Company:

Be sure to invest in the best car rental service company only by asking for recommendations from friends and family members who have also availed their services. The ones offered in airports are generally more expensive, so people need to do their search by reading newspapers, watching out for advertisements and searching online. The internet can lead people to a number of good places that offer hire car Spain services. Check the reputation of the company, the available cars and the relative prices.

Check the Fleet:

A good car rental service company should have a decent-sized fleet consisting of a number of vehicles for various hire car Spain purposes. Check the average age and condition of the fleet and determine how often they upgrade the models. Talk to the company owner if possible to get more details and negotiate the asking price. Getting simple models or an older vehicle usually reduces the cost of rental. Bigger and newer vehicles generally cost more so find out how many people will be riding for extra savings.

Tips and comments

Lower Risk Factors:

The person who will hire car Spain should present his insurance coverage and driver's license to possibly get further discounts. Car companies will be more willing to negotiate the price if the person has a solid track record in driving and is not considered a big risk on the road. People should watch out for extra fees, taxes and other hidden expenses. A document should be signed by both parties indicating the terms of agreement before the car is used. This document can be emailed in advance to the client when booking early.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/23/2012
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